Friday, 23 July 2010

The Doctor's Office

I can't even begin to express how awkward it is to sell your clothes. Although my clothes sale is, hopefully, tomorrow, my mom thought it'd be a good idea to give my cleaning man, Alberto, and his wife a nice little preview. It's just awkward: having people search through what was originally your closet. Things that were quite expensive are next to nothing. But I can't really complain, because I' completely excited to have a new wardrobe. And I'm excited to have other people have numerous  memories just like I did.  ANYWAYS, today I had a doctor's appointment. Nothing serious, just an annual check up. It wasn't as bad as I had predicted but I think the medical industry has a few fashion faux paus that I'd like to talk about (this is completely humorous, by the way). First things first: the paper  dress. Mine comes in white and ever since I can remember, I've enjoyed cinching the waist with that flimsy plastic band and attempted to make some haute couture as I waited for my doctor. But it gets on my nerves sometimes. First of all, it breaks with every twist and turn. Second of all, the back silt is too sexy for me, especially with such awkward sleeves. I HATE THE SLEEVES. I know this would never happen but how cool would it be if the next time you went to the doctor's, they dressed you in some KILLER patient dress? Like the gorgeous Alberta Ferretti gown from Resort 2011  could some how be adjusted and altered for each patient and diagnosis. Or what about an Alice+Olivia dress from Resort 2011, light and comfortable.  Or a DVF wrap dress.... This is just foolish. My whole rant is. BUT I DID SELL  $22 WORTH OF MERCHANDISE!! YAY


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