Thursday, 22 July 2010

On Fire

So I was just in the process of pricing for my clothes sale- aka "Gal's Tag Sale" (for girls and ladies)- this Saturday (newclothesnewclothesnewclothes). I finished pricing the jewels, headbands, belts, scarves,  frames, zip-up bags, and other miscellaneous products. Then, it can to the clothes. I couldn't do it due to a combination of emotion, guilt, boredom, and extreme back pain. So I decided to take a break: watch  "The Hottie and the Nottie" (it's horrific), potentially read the Russell Brand autobiography (it's hysterical), and blog! This morning, I saw the very sexy new Roberto Cavalli advertisement for Fall 2010. I loved it! First of all: wow. I loved the fiery background and Giselle as the model: the background  really makes the clothes stand out and she looks so fierce in Cavalli's new collection. I personally really like when some ad campaigns incorporate an elaborate background. I like how in this slew of ads, some do and others don't. Like Jean Paul Gaultier: the clothes are spectacular but I wish they could be put in a real setting. Very posed ones are interesting to look at I feel like this Cavalli campaign shows off the clothing, unlike the Valentino ads for this season. I do find fashion to be art but it's art that you live in. Another ad that I like in particular is the Tommy Hilfiger one (which is placed on this're welcome). I think that the whole kicking legs in the car ideal is sexy, provocative,  and in the real world. I love it.  I think that ads are extremely important: they can instantly give the audience the overall mood of one's brand or collection. Cavalli=Sexy. Hilfiger= Casual. Easy as that. I'm feeling that my break is going a little too long. Back to pricing? Maybe!


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