Tuesday, 20 July 2010

A Red Carpet Craze

It's always been cinematic tradition that the summer produces a plethora of the year's greatest and most grossing movies. I saw Inception on Saturday and loved it's action, complexity, and the fact that Joseph Gordon Levitt  was in it. Toy Story 3 was amazingly emotion and the ending definitely hit home. I preferred Forgetting Sarah Marshall  than Get Him to the Greek but I find Russell Brand mind-blowingly hysterical (I purchased his biography yesterday).  And while we've seen all of these hard hitting reviews, I feel like the red carpet premieres are always so understated and frequently ignored. Some innovative designs and fashions almost go unnoticed, which is sad. So I'm taking it upon my self to discuss some of the good fashions on the red carpet. There's going to  be a decent amount and quite frankly, if the bad are so bad, they should be forgotten. So here we go...

  • Angelina Jolie at the Salt premiere. I loved the way she rocked the Emporio Armani mini. Even though she's one of our older leading ladies, the sequined mini didn't make her look like an old-has been, as it might have made others look. Instead, it was fresh and was a nice relief from her frequent body covering attire. And the tan shoes were a perfect match: it was the perfect amount of simplicity to give the black mini the limelight it deserves! 
  • Joseph Gordon Levitt at the Inception premiere. As the official first runner up for being my husband, I can't hate his fashion. But I LOVED this. I think it's enjoyably classy when someone decides to wear a  bow-tie. I thought it was very clever how he went with a gray suit, bow-tie, and black shirt. I thought it was well fit with the movie's overall coloring (very dark, ominous colors overall). He just looked SO CUTE! I love it! 
  • Kristen Stewart at the Eclipse premiere. First of all, I hate Kristen Stewart.  I hate her whole "I hate the paparazzi and fans" ideals and her awkwardness isn't charming, but it's just trashy on her part.  Taylor Lautner nor Robert Pattinson should be fighting over her. But only Marchesa  can make Kristen Stewart look like a fashion goddess.  I think the strappy platforms she wore are predictable and maybe a different shoe would've been better but I'm not holding it against Kristen Stewart...since she always wears Converses. Anyways...the dress. The asymmetrical dimensional shoulder was absolutely divine. I loved it.  It was so fashion forward, artistic, and the perfect thing to wear to such a highly publicized premiere.
  • Robert Pattinson at the Eclipse premiere. Well from the red carpet to the movie, Eclipse made me "Team Edward" (for the record, I'm not a Twi-Diva...the whole phenomenon is kind of creepy but I do love me some rom-coms). But anyways...his creativity was BRILLIANT! Like honestly, who wears a red suit?  The maroon Gucci suit was so smart, creative, and just plain AWESOME. He is really becoming a fashionable man, which is necessary in the world today. 
  • Amanda Seyfried at the Letters to Juliet premiere. The public sees so many leading ladies go to premieres in dresses, minis, maxis, or gowns. I don't think it's a bad thing- I'm a dresses kind of girl- but sometimes, there could be some more pizazz. AMANDA SEYFRIED BROUGHT IT! I loved the blazer with the sparkled lapel matched with the shorts. It was so creative but classic in my mind. A masculine feminine fashion has been an emerging trend and, in my mind, Seyfried hit the nail on the head.  And the black peep-toes were appropriately matched: it brought the attention to the lapel, which is what was supposed to happen.  It was so sleek. Good work, Seyfried.
  • Diane Kruger at the National Movie Awards. I'm thrilled Diane hit this one out of the park because I really love her style. But the last few red carpets, she had to go on my "Worst Dressed List". This had such a tribal look and the metallics were so chic. There's just so much texture and the dress looks like it has history or a story behind in (cliche? a little...). Something about this reminds me of the Louis Vuitton Spring RTW 2009 Collection. Lanvin copies Louis? Interesting... But what I find most interesting are the shoes. Cameron Diaz wore the same shoe to a Knight and Day premiere. Up and coming trend: prison chic? 

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