Monday, 19 July 2010

Death of Couture

As you may, or may not, know- the Fall 2010 Couture collection recently debuted on the runway.  Like any other good fashionista in training, I was so excited to see exotic and innovative pieces from some of most talented designers: I kept tabs on the whole production. Weeks later, I was really upset to see that only a handful of non-unique designs were shown for the fall couture collections. That previous comment may have me banished from the world of fashion for eternity but I have my reasons! I suppose I'm not so much complaining about the lack of designers who did couture: it's a very time consuming and expensive process that does not necessarily agree with the world's  current economical status. I suppose what I am upset about is the lack of creativity and imagination among the designers. I was whole-heartedly disappointed with Karl Lagerfeld's collection for Chanel. The last half of it wasn't that bad: he did experiment with some textures and floral accessories . But the first half? A bunch of two pieced suits that could have easily belonged in someone else's  fall collection. Now, this isn't meant to insult Mr. Lagerfeld, because...well, who doesn't love him? He's a fashion genius  and usually always innovative (let's think about Fall 2010 RTW, shall we), but I guess I just  excepted too much from him. In other news, the Armani Prive dresses were beautiful but I just expected works of art. While reviewing these collections, I started to believe that couture wasn't supposed to be art. Maybe it was supposed to be realistic and wearable.  BUT THEN I FELL IN LOVE WITH TWO COLLECTIONS: Dior and Givenchy.  Dior's couture collection definitely had a whimsy floral theme which I LOVED: the colors were so new and vibrant (ironic for the fall collection but I'm lovin' it), the silhouettes were inspirational and they flowed so beautifully, and there was SO MUCH DETAIL. It was different. It was art. It was couture. Thank you, John Galliano for embracing the true meaning of couture. And then Givenchy? Absolutely beautiful. It was current but timeless, really reminding me of the allure of Old Hollywood, but sexier and just incredible. I thought the whole skeletal concept  was eerily beautiful. Is that grammatically correct? My spell check says so. It was just so regal and, once again, true couture. I mean...don't even get me started with how jealous I am that blogger BryanBoy got to see it close up. But he has amazing detailled pictures so please check it out. Well my rant is basically done, but I can say, with hope, there's always next season!

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