Friday, 16 July 2010

Spectacular, Spectacular

Ever since I was nine years old, I've been obsessed with Moulin Rouge.  If you haven't seen it, I highly suggest you do BUT have tissues, a blanket, or snuggle buddy with you! Born as a less intense theater kid, I loved the musical numbers (one of my best friends and I would religiously dance to "Sparking Diamond" on the swing set in elementary school). The love between the two has always been so heartbreaking, yet lovely to watch (I was so happy when my fabulous boyfriend got me a frame that said one of the best quotes from the movie on it for Valentine's Day). And the movie is so visually pleasing, from setting to costumes. I just loved it. And watching it last night for my movie night with my girls, even though we frequently interrupted Ewan McGregor's heartache with our own gossip, reaffirmed my love for that movie.  I'm just so inspired by the sparkly, semi-sultry costumes that all of the characters wear. My favorite scene, fashion-wise, is when we are first introduced to the Moulin Rouge. Harold Zidler, the pimp for all purposes, and all of his ladies come trotting out, each woman in an unique attire. The colors are more than satisfactory and, even though they are supposed to be "entertaining prostitutes", their outfits are rather feminine. And of course, there are your classically beautiful outfits in this movie. The red dress she wears in favorite scene, romantically, is just so beautiful and should be so iconic. The "Pink Diamonds" outfit is so girly but has that certain "va-va-voom" that I personally find inspirational. And the construction of the gray suit Nicole Kidman wears to8wards the end of the movie is constructed beautifully. I just find this whole movie absolutely inspirational. I love how such traditional looks can be added to something so showgirl, so sparkly, and so fabulous. I I even have to go on about how this is a major inspiration for my new wardrobe.  Just like in the not-as-thrilling musical movie Nine, I love the sexy details, the sparkles, and all of the fun because that's what I think fashion is about.  I mean, Venus Williams has gone Moulin Rouge and, even though this instance resembles something from Victoria Secret's Very Sexy collection, I love the inspiration and the attempt. So ladies and gents, I urge you to maybe break the boundary and let your inner can-can dancer out! 
I guess I will leave you with this! 

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