Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Revenge of the Viking.

As I've said before, I love all things (erm...or at least most things) Louboutin. Sorry Blahnik and Choo, but I really believe that this shoe-maker is a genius.He's just so creative and, like I've also said before, the red sole is an absolute classic. So here I am, watching "The Box" with my sister, we are both only semi- pleased with this movieand it's absolutely pouring outside. So what
do I do instead? Look at the
Neiman Marcus fall shoe preview. A lot was quite expected: studded accents, leathers, and deepcolors. But I saw something so absurd and so random, it was impossible NOT to blog about it. Behold, the Louboutin "Toundra Bootie Fur". I find this shoe not only a fashion low point of Christian Louboutin, but just plain hysterical. I makes me feel like we went back to the ice age or to the ages of the vikings, hence the title. THIS IS NOT AN ATTACK ON LOUBOUTIN OR FUR. I do like my fur, but I'm not so sure how much I'd like it on my feet. This shoe kind of reminds me of that Flo Rida song. Is this why UGGs are such a fashion faux-pas? It's ironic because on the UGG website, boots with exterior fur are coincidentally placed under the "Fashion" category. I mean...I had those in the seventh grade..NBD. This makes me think, regardless on its authenticity, are people intimidated by fur? I owe a decent amount of faux fur, and every time I think about wearing it, a slew of reservations invade my head. Sometimes, I'll be a coward and save my fur for another day. But other times, I get the courage and wear said fur piece. I do have this absoluteseventies/fabulous oversized fur vest. I personally love it, but I think I was judged just a little bit when I wore it to school one day. Wearing fur for sport is relatively unknown, in my age group, so are people afraid of the unknown? I think in a world of people wearing sweatshirts, jeans, and American Apparel clothing, wearing something so bold (like fur) is just ridiculous, questionable, and weird. And maybe that's why I find these shoes so odd, because (to me) it never comes across my mind to wear overly furry shoes (except for my parents' snow shoes which are located right under this sentence...TADA). Maybe we should all be a little more open to fur. Maybe we shouldn't wince at fashion risks, wondering if it's appropriate for said event. And maybe, just maybe, we should seize any and all fashion opportunities and wear what we want (and be damn fabulous doing so).


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