Thursday, 27 January 2011

Holy Lagerfeld

Ladies and gents, it's couture time! I just love the idea of haute couture sweeping down the runway. And let's be real, this is where award dresses come from. And the top contenders for some of the most fabulous red carpet dresses thus far? Valentino and Elie Saab for sure; they are fashion forward, yet stick to the general couture guidelines.

But this blog post isn't about Red Carpet predictions, I'll save that for Sunday afternoon.

Instead of the tweed jackets and beautiful collection Lagerfeld usually shines us aspiring fashionistas with, we were left with this:
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I just don't know what to think about this.
Why is Chanel going street style?!
I'm so confused.

If this whole look was for any other collection, I'd be down with Lagerfeld's expansion of the Chanel look, but couture? Seriously?! I will say that there are some looks I really like further into the collection, but is this really the time to lessen the sophistication of such an iconic brand?

But then I thought about it some more. In my personal opinion, couture is all about being unique and abstract. And we must realize that having such a casual look for Chanel is reeeallly abstract? So was that Lagerfeld's whole idea? This collection wasn't just a half executed thing; apparently 10 million beads were used throughout the collection. That's a whole lot of beads! 

I usually love blogging about Chanel shows, because they always are so similar  but different at the same time. But this one, is just plain thought provoking. 

While I do admire Lagerfeld's attempt to make Chanel his brand, is couture really the right time to do something so casual? Or, is he trying to show us that fashion should be for everyone?

Not now, not at couture.
That's all I have to say.

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  1. Interesting collection. I agree, some of it I love and some of it...really...couture? When you said lots of beads you meant lots of beads!