Friday, 28 January 2011

This is Your Moment

I have enough time to finally talk about Black Swan.  My fabulous friend and I seriously waited all winter break so we could see it together, and the wait was worth it.
It was seriously one of the best movies I've seen in a while. The plot was so addicting, I love psychological thrillers. But more importantly, it was so aesthetically pleasing. 

The ballerina clothes were so remarkable; Kate and Laura Mulleavy seriously did an amazing job, regardless of award status.
Not only were the costumes absolutely beautiful, but I think they're provoking some trend in the fashion world. Throughout the whole movie, there was a juxtaposition of the white naivety and the self-destructive black.
The white versus black comparison is very striking.

Yes, I know this skirt isn't white but mix of it and a leather vest (which is behind) is  so Black Swan.

I think my favorite outfit of the whole movie, which I'm sure many can agree with, is the white dress Natalie Portman wears to the ballet benefit. I love love LOVE the glitz paired with the white dress, absolutely insane.
Us non-Natalie Portmans can easily follow this trend with a crisp white shirt and some jewels!

And if you're not believing a word I say about black and white ruling the world, let's  take a look at some couture, shall we?

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The simplicity of this Valentino and the embellishments around the neckline is a minimalist take on that Black Swan dress I am obsessed with! 

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I love the black versus white situation here. The sleek look is so devious here! 
Alexis Mabille was filled with white:
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The last two looks for this collection are  sooo Black Swan: similar silhouette but different color. I'm telling you, black and white are ruling the world! 

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The white is so innocent and then...
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The black is its alter ego; sleeker, more sophisticated, more experienced, more devious.

If you haven't seen Black Swan yet, I tell you to stop reading this blog right now (which is perfect because this post is over) and go to your nearest movie theater. ASAP.


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  1. Black and white always makes a dramatic statement. Glad you enjoyed "Black Swan". I saw it and was confused...I think I need to see it again, of course I'll wait for the video this time. I guess I'm a die hard chick flick fan, and this was a bit more...intense haha. Love your blog! Can't wait to read about the SAG awards!