Monday, 31 January 2011

Sagging Style

I'll be perfectly honest, I am not a fan of the SAG Awards. Of course, the whole "acting community" is a nice thought, but it's boring. And the fashion is never like the big time award shows.
modern family won.
and the social network did not.
and natalie portman won too.
and my predictions were...slacking.
As I stated before, the fashion was so- so. At the Globes' red carpet show, I squealed and my jaw dropped a plethora of times. The SAGs? Not the same. But anyways, let's talk about the looks!

  • Winona Ryder (Alberta Ferretti): Trainwreck. Ooooof I hate everything about this. Seriously, it's like she went to a senior prom in the 1980s. the bag is awkward, her hair is awkward, and the dress looks awkward on her. I just hate this.
  • Jenna Fischer (Fendi): Yes, her hair and makeup looked amazing, but this was a terrible choice. The silhouette isn't the least bit flattering; she looks matronly and boring. She's such a beautiful woman and I wish she could've picked something better for this award ceremony.
  • Jennifer Lawrence (Oscar de le Renta): Before this dress, I didn't think Oscar could do any wrong. But not all fashion geniuses are perfect. Don't get me wrong, the fuschia looks incredible on her, but I hate the black belt; it makes her look like she has a gut!  The hair is also way too serious for the SAG awards. I'm also debating the shoulders but I can't even focus when that belt is there. I also feel like  there is no communication between above the belt and below the belt; if the shoulders are going to be dramatic, lose the slit!
  • Naya Rivera (Aurelio Costarello): THIS IS SO DULL. The beige doesn't suite her all  that well and partially beaded bodice makes the dress look awkward and incomplete. But what I hate most about this red carpet look is the hair. It looks like there was no effort at all! Just a quick wash and dry?! YOU'RE ON THE RED CARPET. She's so beautiful and I think she could've definitely done better.
  • Eva Longoria (Georges Hobelka):Blegh. I loved the ivory on Eva, but this dress was a diaster;  the draping just looks odd and not maintained and the drop waist wasn't doing anything for her figure. Her outfits are always hits or misses in my mind, no in between. What would Gabrielle Solis think?! 
  • Christina Hendricks (L'Wren Scott): I love long sleeved dresses, but she did it completely wrong. The fabric did not help her curves at all! This dress showed an awkward amount of skin and it just didn't look good. I'm sure dresses someone of her curves is hard, but this is horrendous.
  • Nicole Kidman (Nina Ricci): First of all, what's up with the necklace she's wearing? It totally de-sophisticates her whole look. Anyways, the amount of lace on this dress made me feel like the lace was really a spider' web. I would've really liked this dress if the back was de-laced and it was just open and sexy. The lace on the neckline is great though. 
  • Kim Kardashian (Marchesa): My least favorite look of the night! It looks like Princess Jasmine on crack!  She usually has such a dramatic eye and nude lip, the entire nude makeup makes her look sickly... and really scares me. It's so messed up, I don't even know what exactly is wrong with it...does that make sense? The color's nice and Marchesa is always fabulous, but this is no good!
  • Kate Mara (Herve Leger): This is just weird. She's such a beautiful girl, but what's with the headband? It looks like she's trying to match...but failed. Down and loose curls would've made the world's difference. And she didn't even accessorize besides that! The dress is really interesting and maybe it would've looked better on someone else, but the execution was so bad!
  • Melissa Leo (Randi Rahm): What is this...I don't even know how to go about critiquing this. SO UGLY! The hair is really awkward and there is such a thing as metallic not and point: this!
  • Matthew Morrison (Prada): I wasn't aware that Matthew Morrison was ALSO Ricky Martin. Sometimes, I question his sexuality whilst watching Glee (there is nothing wrong with any sexuality, just to throw that out there).  This is too casual, too Ricky Martin...too bad.

  • Jane Krakowski (Badgely Mischka): Absolutely stunning! She showed off her bump and looked completely chic while doing it. The silver was beautiful with her complexion and hair. Also, the asymmetrical sleeve made a mama-to-be look hot and current, which I love! It was really smart of her to wear nude platforms, emphasizing the dress and the bump. Her hair and makeup was also exquisite.
  • Mila Kunis (Alexander McQueen): Best of the night, seriously! I'm obsessed with this dress; she looked hip but relaxed, which is perfect for the SAGs. I'm glad she didn't over-accessorize, a classic print wearing rule. Her hair was flawless and she embraced many of the best trends on the carpet last night.
  • Sofia Vergara (Roberto Cavalli): As we all know, Sofia Vergara is a woman with many...assets.  This Cavalli dress offered her two things: class and flattery. The color looked amazing with her skin tone and hair; nobody else really wore cobalt so she surely made a splash on the red carpet. The draping around the waist seriously made her look like a minute! Also, this dress showed of the right amount of her Vergaras. It was youthful but not immature. Perfecto!
  • Heather Morris (Romona Keveza): LOVE! She looked like a Pretty Pretty Princess last night! The complexity of the bodice was a perfect match to the simple skirt. The color looked so beautiful on her and the simple accessories worked well with the feathery-fabulous bodice.
  • Hailee Steinfeld (Prada): I think this dress was one of the most talked about all night. At first, I thought this was terrifying, but I liked it the more I saw it. I think the SAG  Awards is the only place this dress would get a good interpretation during awards season.  The SAG Awards are less serious than the Globes or the Oscars, so it's expected to wear something a little more relaxed.  The bright colors are good for this carpet and, since she's so young, it was a really fun dress. But for any other occasion, this wouldn't be good.
  • Natalie Portman (Azzaro): So sophisticated! I love the black and white combination...didn't someone just blog about this recently? Hmmm.... anyways! I love how she also showed her bump; it's the first time she's done it since her pregnancy was announced! Yes, her hair could be better, but she looks fabulous regardless.
  • January Jones (Carolina Herrera): First of all, thank you for covering up! Although I wish the hair wasn't weird, I love this dress. It's so beautiful and is really flattering on Ms. Jones. She worked the lace trend perfectly into her dress without looking like a web (a la Nicole Kidman). While some of the minor details could be improved, I like this soo much better than her Globes look.
  • Justin Timberlake (Simon Spurr): Why is JT so cool?  Fashionable men have it rough: how can they make a statement on the red carpet without looking cheesy. By adding the double striped tie...he looked so chic. In addition, his suit fit him perfectly.
  • Claire Danes (Louis Vuitton): Absolutely fabulous!  I love the aqua and black combination fo this Vuitton, so smitten!  In this scenario, I really like the black belt: adds spice to the dress and also makes it less formal. The pink lips are also genius! This has  to be my second favorite look of the night for sure.
  • Tina Fey (Oscar de la Renta): I assume that seeing Tina Fey in this dress is like watching a baby's first steps. INCREDIBLE! I'm so happy she's ditched the frumpy black and showed herself off. The red is amazing; she looked sophisticated and super classy. I'm just so proud!
  • Helena Bonham Carter  (Marc Jacobs): THANK YOU FOR WEARING MATCHING SHOES! She looks so cute in this black and white Marc Jacobs outfit...almost like a 1950's housewife. Her hair is of course quirky, but I'm glad she has the ability to tame her outrageousness for one night. Kudos, Helena.
  • Dianna Agron (Vintage Chanel): When I first saw her, I thought it was Emma Roberts. Anyways, I'm so glad she wore something dark and sultry. The navy looks awesome with her blonde hair and light skin. The hem-line is really interesting, but still extremely classy. I'm also happy she paired a sleek hair-do together with dark and mysterious eye  makeup. Amazing, amazing,amazing. 

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