Wednesday, 2 February 2011

When it's Time for Change

So today, I got really bored with the layout and title of this blog. As much as "Purses, Shoes, Couture...Oh My!" was fun, it was too wordy. 
When people asked about my blog's name, I would HATE saying the title because it was so long; who'd remember it.
So here it is:

The Trendologist.
Clean, simple, and fun. 
This semester, I'm taking sociology, which I seem to be enjoying.
In this lovely class, we learn about the behavior and influences of society.
That got me thinking...wouldn't it be great if there was a class studying the behavior and influences of fashions and trends?

Like Trendology?
What if one day, people could become Trendologists?
Different name, different look, same blogging fun!

Anyways, I was actually hoping to write a blog post instead of giving it a make-over so here we go!

I'm extremely over the winter. I remember back in November, I was so excited for snow. Now I'm over it.
I want bright colors and florals again!

And I especially want these:
Photo Cred
BEHOLD: Anne Demeulemeester's  Crisscross Leather Wedges.
Is there a better way to put spring in shoe-form?

What I love about these:  The shoe only comes in fashion's newest black: white. Wedges are not only chic, but they're easy on the feet and the heel is not that extreme anyways. The thick straps is so right on and right now.

As much as I hate minimalism, I know that it is unavoidable. I tried to be minimalist a few days ago, then I threw on a houndstooth skirt and it was back to my usual sense of style.

But I think that non-minimalist can embrace the trend (a la these) without losing who we are.

Here's my game plan: these shoes, a light printed dress, or a maxi loaded with fun bangles, or a shorts and tee combo with a fabulous cardigan.

...okay, maybe all of these look suggest I'm having a retro moment...but maybe that's true...

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