Thursday, 3 February 2011

The Color War

I'm so smitten with this Vogue Australia shoot.
Instead of being surrounded by Boston's snow.
I want to go on a Mediterranean vacation.
If prints and bright colors aren't in this spring (when are they not?), I will go crazy.

I'm obsessed with this Marni. Give me colored leather any day and I'll be intrigued. The tan stripe on the side really makes this dress for me. 
I wish I had an occasion to wear this yellow Hilfiger. The pleated bottom is such a fabulous match to the short sleeved top. And it's so well styled with the black and yellow hat.
Matching patterns and fabrics, in my personal opinion, is the way to make an uber chic outfit.I would personally eliminate the striped belt and replace it with a plain cobalt blue, but that's just me. I believe the striped dress (?) is vintage? Awesome.
Without a doubt, there is only one way to solve this winter-overload in the North-east.
It may be too early to dive right into a yellow Hilfiger, but we must think of bright colors to accent into our daily looks in preparation for spring.
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Because of the slush, I've been sporting my red Hunters, supporting this color pop-age, but hey it's still color!



  1. Loving the blogs new look and name! When do you have time for all of amaze me! Speaking of color...I like how you incorporated your Louboutins in your background photo...they are fab!

  2. I would wear all of these dresses...I agree color color and more color