Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Weekly: She Let Me Wear My Chain and My Turtleneck Sweater

 First thing's first: Your favorite Trendologist (I'm really happy with this new name) is going to FASHION WEEK. I am so excited; it's a dream come true and I cannot wait to blog about it. New York, here I come, in a weekish!

Anyways...I've seen a really awesome coat trend on the streets of Boston: toggle coats. 
I don't have one, but I think it's an absolute must for the upcoming months. What I like about these toggle coats is that they are the perfect medium;  they're not too heavy, like a good eskimo coat, but not too light, like a simple sweater.

And the toggles make the jacket look so refined and chic. In addition, they look fabulous on boys and girls. I remember wishing my boyfriend purchased a toggle coat in London. It didn't happen but a girl can dream, right?

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I'm loving this toggle coat from Urban; the uber fitted look is really interesting and unexpected when paired with the toggle closing.  A plain white tee, jeans, some sick Ray-Bans  and some riding boots would make this a casual and enviable look for anyone.

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  I love this Ralph Lauren one too! The combination of red, black, and tan is so refreshing! Unlike the Urban one, this is way more traditional in length.
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I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS!! Cape+toggles= nothing's better than this. The tan and brown is so ethereal and I love love LOVE the fringe on the bottom.
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This sweater is also the perfect take on the trend if you want to save a few bucks. The crisp white looks awesome with the fur lining on the hood, which is so fierce.

That was some good onto the weeklies! 
The looks were really disappointing this week, but I have a few.
  • Jennifer Lopez strutting (Haute Hippie and Louboutins): I'm so smitten with this look; I've never really seen a tan and silver combination before, but I'm a fan.  If you look at it really closely, the whole is actually quite sloppy; however, it has the ability to look tre chic and really put together. HOW DOES SHE DO IT? I also love how the sparkles is this look isn't too in-your-face. She looks like goddess, which apparently she's the new ambassador to Venus razors? Hmmmm...
  • Helena Bonham Carter at the Santa Barbara Film Festival (I-wish-I-knew): What I love about this look is how she looks both eclectic and put together. And the shoes match (she's going to get a lot of that for a very long time). The natural makeup with the black outfit is also really chic and clean. Yes, clean.



  1. Congrats! So glad you are going to Fashion Week...I can't wait to read all about it in your blog! Have a great time!

    I love the toggle timeless!

    Jlo is stunning! You are right that color combination is fab!

    Helena...thank you for matching the shoes! She looks more put together...actually she looks like she walked out of All Saints!

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