Friday, 14 January 2011

Do We Die?

So let's talk about Rachel Zoe's latest collection. Even though she's my career and fashion idol, I am truly torn about this collection.

For starters, I don't like how she posed with her models in her lookbook.
If she wants to be rolling with the top designers, she needs to have the people focus on the beauty of the clothes, instead of the designer.

Some pieces I really like, especially look four.
I really like how it stayed true to her fabulous bohemian look.

But other pieces, I believe, were trying to hard. And also, I love cohesiveness in a collection. From what I've seen, there isn't much cohesiveness here. I think that she could've focused on one idea and it would've been so much better.

But then maybe I am not understanding her target audience.
Maybe it wasn't supposed to be like a traditional fashion show, but a plethora of various looks that could work for a variety of people.

As for this copied dress scandal, I must stand up for Zoe. Are the pieces identical? Well...yes; however, I find it extremely hard to believe that somebody whose so enamored with the world of fashion to commit the top faux paus.
And, at the same time, plenty designers copy fashion houses for a more pleasant price tag. That happens all of the time after awards season. If people do not get wound up with that, why should Zoe be in boiling water?
But I definitely want to hear a statement from her!

I can never bash Rachel Zoe, nor would I want to, because I respect her as a stylist and a fashionista

I just miss the good 'ol days!

That's all.

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