Sunday, 16 January 2011

The Weekly: The Stars are Falling From the Sky

So a bunch of things happened this week. For example, I tried to make a mood board. It was my first time making a collage with that goal in mind. The whole look I was going for was hippie whimsy. I'm thinking lace, natural colors, and accessories galore.  One of my major sources is the new Free People catalog. I wish I had more time to complete it but so far, I'm loving it.
Next subject of business: I am such a Maxxinista at the moment. I could literally write a whole post about it but this is the weekly so I'll cut it short. At my local TJ Maxx, there's this "Runway" section and I've really gone all out; Halston, Ralph Lauren, Joe's, and the list continues. Yesterday, however, I bought the most fabulous faux fur ever.
Stop and observe the amazing-ness.
One of the best style tips is the up-scale/down-scale mix. Pair off a classy expensive piece with less expensive accessories.
And always do Faux Fur.

AND THE GLOBES ARE ON TONIGHT! The Golden Globes are my absolutely favorite award ceremony: I love the mix of television and film. Also, the less Oscar-worthy films are given a chance to win an award or two. I'm thinking tonight, we are going to see blush tones, asymmetrical shoulders and mullet hemlines. But more about that tomorrow! 

For now...onto the weekly! 
  • Michelle Williams at the  New York Film Critic Circle Awards (Wren): I love this! You rarely see someone in a shirt and skirt combination anymore. But Williams did this in such a chic way it looks like a dress. I love the mixing of patterns in this intense; the two fabrics are different enough but the color scheme makes it work. I think everyone should try mixing patterns like Williams did because this is awesome! Here minimalistic jewels worked in this intense, I suppose, because the dress is so shiny. But I think a few bracelets would have looked really great. All in all, however, she looks fabulous.
  • Demi Moore at the No Strings Attached Premiere (Carven): Without a doubt, Demi wears a lot of black; however, she always finds a way to make it new and exciting (a la Balmain and, in this case, Carven). The zippers on this dress is so amazing, I'm obsessed! She keeps spicing it up with adding the studded clutch. This is extremely appropriate because she's not a star of No Strings Attached, but she still looks absolutely incredible. In this case, I love how she kept it all black. Having a colored shoe or clutch would break it up too much a de-chic the outfit. She always looks absolutely  stunning.
  • Ed Westwick frolicking (I have no idea): I love love love LOVE this indigo and black ensemble Ed Westwick is rocking. It's totally Chuck Bass, and how can you doubt Chuck Bass' incredible style? Oh that's right, you cant. His matching is impeccable but it's not irritating. He looks fabulously effortless, which I'm loving. I don't know really what to say, because I don't judge menswear all that much, but I love it when a guy puts effort into his outfits.
  • Hilary Duff at a Kentucky Derby Prelude Party (Something sexy): Va va vroom!  Hillary Duff is definitely no longer Lizzie McGuire. I think I love this outfit so much is because it's so out of character. She'll usually wear something that much more demure. But she looks so sexy and is really embracing her youth, which I love. The whole outfit screams body-con but the mixing of fabrics really breaks that up and is uber flattering, instead of potentially scary (what I think of body con usually). Since she went sexy for this look, it was so smart how she showed off minimal skin. She's learning and growing as a fashionista, which I really appreciate.
  • Natalie Portman at the 2011 Critic's Choice Awards (Gianfranco Ferre): FINALLY. Natalie Portman wears something pregnancy chic! I suppose comfort would be number one when dressing up, but her past outfits have been hideous. Thankfully, she pulled out something spectacular for the lacking Critic's Choice red carpet (I don't even want to speak about the looks). Black and white is always an extremely chic away to go and,because of her tiny frame, the volumized silhouette was flattering on her. She kept it clean and uber chic. Bravo, Natalie, welcome back to the world of fashion!

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  1. My top picks Hilary definitely. I love when she dresses sexy because she doesn't go to the trashy end. She's 23 she should dress more sexy. And Nat, yay she's no fasshionista but this dress I love! So much better than her previous ones.

  2. K. So right about Helena Bonham Carter. Loved her years ago in A Room With a View--she was so lovely... It seems that her years with Tim Burton have blurred the lines between his movies and her wardrobe. BTW, I enjoyed reading this!

  3. I agree, Natalie looks great!