Sunday, 17 April 2011

The Weekly: So Let's Not Complicate It, Just Say Yeah

Something pretty epic is happening tomorrow in Beantown:
Marathon Monday.
I'm intrigued and excited and a little terrified at the same time to witness such an event, but I think it'll be pretty fun. But it got me thinking, "should there be a dress code when it comes to exercise?" When I go to the gym I typically see two kinds of people: those who have ratty T-shirts and sweats versus those who have full hair and makeup while wearing spandex apparel, of course.
(Photo  Cred).

(Photo Cred).
I don't know about everyone else, but I'm not too keen about dressing up like a stripper. However, I do think we should try to be a little glamourous everywhere we go. So for this weekly, I've decided to find some great and chic picks for when you're hitting the gym! 

  • There's something about being able to say you're wearing Calvin Klein at the gym that makes me laugh. "Oooooooh, Clavin Klein you say?! How Elite!" But the brand actually has some great exercise selections!  This V-Neck Tank Top is perfect for the stairmaster: it's mostly cotton, lightweight, relatively well priced, and most importantly: it's loose fitting. I know I personally don't want to exercise in a corset, or anything like it. The wide stripes make the shirt more stylish than just a raggy tee! 
  • To add to the wonderful designer pile, I think this RLX Ralph Lauren Fleece would be perfect for running. The cozy cotton will keep you warm and hood is perfect in the event it starts to rain. I also love the cobalt blue, so striking and will make anyone stare as you run past.  It's easy to wash, which makes it a staple piece for anyone's exercise wardrobe.
  • I know it must be weird for someone to look to Urban Outfitters for exercise clothes, but I wear these BDG leggings when I go to the gym and I love them! They're super comfortable, which comes first and foremost when taking an aerobics or yoga class. And they come in fun clothes so everyone can spice up their ensembles! 
  • I'm personally in the market for new running shoes and I know I'll be picking up a pair of Asics! Though other people prefer Nike or Puma, my last two pairs of sneakers have been Asics and I love them! I'm really eying this lightweight structured shoe: stable, comfortable, and I really like the bright colors! 

Okay this is enough fitness talk for one blog post, onto the weekly! 
  • Alexis Bledel at The Conspirator premiere (Stella McCartney): Once again, welcome back to society Miss Bledel. I seriously think she perfected a good minimalist look here. The McCartney dress is not some boring color, but a smashing crimson. I think everyone should wear crimson to events! And she used awesomely chic accessories to spice up her "minimalist" look: the Cecelia clutch and shoes. While I wish that her makeup was more dramatic,  I thought her hair was clean and made the eye go straight to the crimson dress. FABULOUS.
  • Drew Berrymore at The Beauty Detox Solution's book promo (JBrand and Catherine Malandrino): Obsessed with this look. Seriously, Drew Berrymore looks like the queen of hip right about now. The leather jacket is so alternative and I'm pretty smitten with it. I love how she kept the jewels rather minimal and dainty, juxtaposing it with a studded bag. And the random feather earring? I think that's what made this look for me. It's just so spot on but effortless at the same time. J'adore.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker being a New Yorker and seeing Catch Me If You Can: The Musical (Oscar de la Renta, Chanel, and Louboutin): This looks like such a Pat Fields creation. What makes this outfit work is that even thought she mixed fabrics and patterns, she didn't experiment too much with color. The De la Renta black and white and the beige Louboutins acts as a naturals to the Chanel coat. And it's so age appropriate, which I think is something Parker always accomplishes. The soft waves makes her look chic, instead of a updo which would make Sarah Jessica Parker look granny. She's making all of the Sex and the City fans proud! 
  • Alexis Bledel at another Conspirator premiere (Giussepe Zanotti and Oscar de la Renta): So are you in this movie or something, Alexis? Is there life after Gilmore Girls. Even though this dress is an awkward length on her, almost poorly hemmed, she still looks incredible. The dark colors of the dress work perfectly with her light complexion and gorgeous eyes. And I love the sparkles on the De la Renta!  The hair and makeup was supreme and minimal accessories are crucial when wearing a sparkly number. Bravo! 

Oh. And if anyone was wondering, I ended up picking magazine journalism which I'm really excited about! 

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