Thursday, 21 April 2011

Style Spotlight: Anna Dello Russo

So I was just perusing on, as I frequently do, and I found something that was truly inspiring, uber trendy, and so worth blogging about: pictures from the Tommy Ton and Anna Dello Russo exhibit in Toronto's The Bay. I looked at the pictures and instantly became overwhelmed with fabulousity.

Photo Cred

Photo Cred
One of my friends at BU loves loves LOVES Anna Dello Russo and, to be perfectly honest, how can you not?  Not only is she a great editor, but a style icon to all.  I think these pictures have an emphasis on the detail of her wardrobe. This is something I really admire about her style: detail and her courage. She does some really crazy avant garde looks. Even though it may not be appropriate for all occasions, it's so trendy and so right on.  I really hope that her style, as well as this exhibit, will inspire others as it did me. I know this is an uber short blog, but I thought it was important.

And let's be honest, she definitely dominates Kate Middleton's collection of hats:

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