Sunday, 24 April 2011

The Weekly: Put Your Freakum Dress On

First of all, Happy Easter! I hope that everyone has a lovely holiday. This weekend was fabulous: the parentals came to Beantown for some Easter fun: shopping, eating fine foods, and good company. While my mom and I explored  the stores of Boston, we came across something very...interesting: Anime Boston. Yes, a whole weekend convention for anime. While a lot of people think that anime is "unusual" and a "social taboo," I give these people credit for dressing how they wish.  I know anime isn't usually looked at in a fashion perspective, but what you wear is all about expressing yourself.  And let's be honest, some of these looks are so Lady Gaga...and don' t a lot of people want to be just like Lady Gaga? So if you want to express yourself by dressing up like Sailor Moon, props to you!

I thought, in the spirit of the anime fun, why not create a DO and DON'T list of dressing up for these fun conventions.

  • DO use flattering fabrics and hemlines: Some of these outfits can be risque so make sure that you use great materials.
  • DO NOT hang out of your outfit: This weekend, my mom saw this girl who was legitimately popping out of her outfit. If you want to do anime conventions, please be tasteful.
  • DO get creative with your outfits: We saw people dressed up as characters from Toy Story, which is totally not anime but I loved it!
  • DO NOT carry weapons: I would've been really pissed off if someone poked me at the Prudential Center with a sword.
  • DO have confidence: A lot of people won't understand this whole convention idea (neither do I, really), but you should have fun with it! Make it your own! 
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Alright, this was a really odd introduction into the weekly but, nonetheless, onto the weekly! 

  • Reese Witherspoon at the Water for Elephants premiere (Jason Wu and Louboutins): This is so classic, I'm so smitten with this look.  That Wu dress is so regal and age appropriate. She isn't looking like a hoochi mama; however, she is showing off her great arms and legs. Although this dress doesn't have a "wow" factor, it is understated and that's what I love about it, for once! By the way, I love the simple up-do and light makeup. Move over Kristen Stewart, your boy has a MUCH better leading lady.
  • Jordana Brewster at the Fast and Furious 5 premiere (Carolina Herrera) : Alternatively, this look is so youthful and fun, which is the exact look I want this summer.  The short sleeves remind me of a majestic goddess and I love how the skinny tie cinches the waist. The tie-dye floral is so right on and I love the color scheme. And her beachy waves work perfectly with this look. J'adore times a million.
  • Megan Fox at a Jaguar Event (Carlos Obando): Megan Fox has been dressing so classily lately, and I'm loving it! The haltered neckline is something really obscure and understated but, when done in an old school glam way, looks awesome. The ivory dress contrasts beautifully with her dark hair and pink lips.  Although I wish she chose a different color for shoes, I do love the hair and the striking gold bangle. Well done! 
  • Zoe Saldana at the Coach benefit (Isabel Marant): I really like the print on this dress but, more importantly, I am obsessed with the sleeves on this dress. Whenever people wear short sleeves, they're usually cap sleeves and, being extra paranoid over my arms, I HATE cap sleeves. These longer short sleeves make Zoe's arms look long and lean, which is what everyone aspires to have.  The strapped pump also makes  this look have a bit of spontaneity. No bracelets, but a striking bag, is the perfect thing add to this printed dress.
  • Helen Miren at the Arthur premiere in Londontown (Dolce and Gabbana): Helen Miren is such a powerhouse and I'm loving this look. The leopard maxi is youthful, without making her look as if she's trying to hard.  She's not showing cleavage or leg, which makes it extremely appropriate. The minimal jewels also helped this look be more age appropriate. As you grow older, I think there's a fine line between chic and trying too hard. Helen Miren has found and almost perfected this balance.  For the record, I wore a look really similar to her's this week.
  • Nicole Richie chilling in LA (not available): Love her or her hate, Nicole Richie is a style icon. Her life is so interesting- I'm really considering reading her memoir this summer- and I LOVE her boho-chic look; it's uber glam, refreshing, and effortless. I rarely talk about street style, but I really like this look. It's so hard to pull off a light wash jean; however, the light flowers on her blouse make the jeans less of a "oh-hey-what's-going-on-there" factor. Her hair and makeup is so natural but still so glam. I JUST LOVE HER, OKAY?! 

Phew, that was a weekly! Well, I have a bunch of great blog posts in store, but ciao for now!


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