Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Anti-Weekly: Fashion's Important Right?

I am creating my first Anti-Weekly post! The looks this week were...well...not very great, so I figure I'll talk  about the bad looks instead.
But before that,
let us discuss good men's fashion. 
It is very rare to find a male friend who takes pride in what he wears.  My collegiate friend, Ramsey, has one of the best male styles I have seen, competing against Joseph Gordon Levitt's 500 Days of Summer look. I think what I admire most about Ramsey's style, which is the focus of this blog post, is his ability to mix up his style. As I'm raiding his closet taking pictures, he is cutting a skeleton out of a sweatshirt, yet Sperry Topsiders are to my left. Ironic much? Yes, that's what we all need in our wardrobes, especially men. A lot of the time, I think guys are intimidated to wear cool clothing in fear that they'll look stupid or be made fun of. But here's something a lot of people forget about:

Good style=confidence=an fabulous quality in anybody.
Of  course we all have our personal preferences and that's okay, but I think we all need to be a little bit more open to trying new things. I guess this whole inspirational talk is contradicting my Anti-Weekly idea.  But if we have good confidence, along with a good eye, even the most atypical looks will be chic. 

And in case you were wondering about this skeleton sweatshirt I was telling you about...

The drawing process 

A little snip snip

Well that was good fun, and now onto the ANTI-WEEKLY.

  • Michelle Monaghan at the Source Code premiere in New York (Roksanda Ilincic): The color is really nice with her complexion and I actually really like the Chrissie Morris heels, but this dress is extremely unattractive. Honestly, it looks like a loosely draped piece of Spandex. And the asymmetrical hemline is not doing it for me. AND THE MINIMALISM. BLEGH. 
  • Anna Kendrick at the Vivienne Westwood L.A  Store Opening (Vivienne Westwood): I didn't know that Anna Kendrick is a grandmother! This is a truly terrible look. The shoulders look very sloppy and the print reminds me of something a grandmother would own, but worse. The The cut is so matronly, it almost is painful to look at.  Maybe a different hemline would've made this dress a smidge better.  And the accessorizing is totally off on this. She should've at least had some fun jewels to make this look semi-hip. And the Miu Miu shoes? Make this outfit look even MORE matronly! 
  • Katie Holmes at The Kennedys Premiere (Ralph Lauren): If she was going out for a lovely picnic with Suri Cruise, this would have been presh. But she's not, so it's not. WAY TOO CASUAL. I'm sorry  but when you're Jackie O in a movie,  you should be dressing with a little more style.  I'm so disappointed because I think of Katie Holmes as a modern day style queen. MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT.
  • Fergie at "The Bank" in Vega (Herve Leger by Max Azria):  There are so many things wrong with this situation. First and most obvious, those turquoise shoes are not very classy with the fleshy orange dress: it's a cool color combination for the Atlantis resort, but not for Fergie. Just kidding...well not really because I do hate that combination...BUT FERGIE PLEASE COVER UP. I'm all for being comfortable with your body, but this is taking it a bit too literally. This isn't appropriate, even whilst in Vegas! 
  • Debi Mazar at the 2011 Beautiful People Party (I don't even WANT to know): This is not beautiful, this is just ugly. I can kind of see this whole retro look she's going for but even still, the red and white combination makes her look like a candy striper, which I'm not a fan of. I totally understand that she's not going to wear a Herve Leger body-con dress, but there are other ways to dress for your age, flatter your figure, and use the pinup inspiration: maybe a mid-calf full skirted dress? That would look awesome with the hair and makeup. 

Okay, doing an Anti-Weekly is a little too much fun...


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