Friday, 29 April 2011

Well...It Ain't No Diana

I just woke up from a really weird dream- John Travolta was dressed up as an angel and not like the movie Michael- and then I realized, "Hey, the Royal Wedding is on!" Luckily, I found a live stream online so here I am watching it. So why not blog about some of the looks?  And I just thought that Kate's sister, Pippa, was Kate. And I was thoroughly disappointed in her outfit. But...then it wasn't Kate. As of now, we're still waiting.

While I liked Ian Thorpe's gray hues, he looked very clean and simple, my favorite was Prince Harry. Maybe because he's cute and, since he's not married, I have a .000000000000000000000000001% chance of being his wife? I'm not dumb, obviously they don't have a say in what they wear: it's uniform. But he's so cute, I  figured this is a perfect excuse to put his picture on this post. But  I did think that the navy looked great with his red hair.

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Not from the wedding, but I'm coming for your back, Chelsy Davy.  Since my name's Kelsey and her name is Chelsy, he won't notice the difference? Right?

 It seems like the major trend for the guests is bright minimalism...with a tophat. THERE WERE JUST SO MANY TOPHATS. I wonder if it was dress code or is everyone paying homage to Kate's hats? Well Samantha Cameron didn't wear a hat (oooooooh).

  • Posh Spice's  look, from her own collection, is...well...posh! I think it's a great color and silhouette, especially for a pregnant woman. While I wish she had a nude pump, I'm obsessed with Posh's sleek pony. BUT I WISH THAT STUPID HAT WAS GONE! She may think she looks Posh, I think she looks silly. 

  • Chelsy Davy has not one, but TWO dresses! Steal the spotlight why don't you? Everyone seems to be giving her flock about her seafoam Alberta Ferretti, but I can't appropriately judge because I haven't seen the bottom half! But this is what I can see, so far.
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A little ill-fitted but, I love the color against her blonde hair. And finally, a sleek and chic hat!

  • English socialite, Tara Palmer- Tomkinson, is fancier than Pippa! While I would usually love this cobalt blue and huge fashion statement, this day isn't about you! It's about Kate! And Sarah Burton! It's waaay too much blue, I wish she added some subtle hues for at least the gloves! 
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It's worse than Princess Eugenie's!  I actually like Princess Beatrice's avant garde head piece with the tan dress.

Both of them found the key to looking chic at the Royal Wedding: muted pastels and dainty hats. While Wittstock's blue outfit suggests more minimalism, I love the small details on Princess Letizia's dusty rose dress as well as Princess Maxima's tan lace dress! Princess Maxima is rocking a turban-esque hat which I loved! Apparently is Charlene is wearing Armani to her own wedding, July 2nd.  Anyways, neither of the two overpower the special occasion, which I love. 


I dont really care about Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, so I'm just going to ignore her. BUT HOW CUTE DID THE QUEEN LOOK!?

Photo Cred
She's looking adorable in her yellow Angela Kelly dress and I'm so enamored with her cute top hat. This is seriously a top hat...none of this chic and fashion-forward hat for the Queen!  Ugh, she's so cute, I just want her to bake me cookies and serve me milk...because the Queen would do that...

I think Pippa Middleton's McQueen by Sarah Burton dress was beautifully understated. I swear I thought she was Kate...did I already say that? It's really early. Anyways, I wish she didn't wear white. It's her sister's big day, let her wear white! I'm sure my sister would be kind of pissed off. Sticking to navy, black, or any spring muted color would've been much better! 


IT'S THE MOMENT THE WORLD HAS BEEN WAITING FOR! YIPPEE! Kate Middleton looked like a modern fairytale in her Alexander McQueen (by Sarah Burton) dress. Did she know his exhibit is opening in New York soon? Clearly, she'd rather be at the Costume Institute Gala than the Royal Wedding...jokes. Anyways, I'm in love with this dress! Guliana Rancic, yes I stay true to my E! no matter what, said that it looked a lot like Grace Kelly's wedding dress, with the long laced sleeves, which I love. Clearly, this was not like Diana's huge 80's sleeves and train. But, even though I do love the 80's, I love Kate's dress more. Part of me wishes that she picked some no-name from London; however, that designer would dive head first into a state of chaos and shock right about now. Sarah Burton can do it: she's the successor of fashion's prince so she must be used to pressure! Anyways, the dress! I loved how the cinched waist really flattered her shrinking figure and it really wasn't some avant garde piece. She stayed very true to her own sense of style: small crown, light veil, and I heard she wanted to do her own makeup. All in all,  the perfect choice for Kate.

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She's a modern-day princess, living the modern-day fairytale. I sincerely hope that she and Prince William share a lifetime of happiness! Congratulations!



  1. I understand the whole hat situation, but most of the women looked absolutely ridiculous with the hats sitting on their foreheads! So annoying!

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