Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Allow Me to Slip into Something More Comfortable

Can you believe that spring is finally here? It feels like just yesterday I was bundling up in a plethora of layers. There are so many awesome trends to try this season, so expect a lot of fashion photo shoots starring yours truly. A couple weeks ago, my mother and I dominated Newbury Street in Boston. As always, Urban Outfitters was the first stop. I snagged a bunch of pieces that I cannot wait to wear, including the pieces from the shoot. I'm trying something new this sunny season. Previously, spring always meant "funky bohemian." This time, I'm all about stunning silhouettes and pops of color. Since I'm inevitably urban, I decided to start this season off with a effortless,black dress.
I'm all about the asymmetrical hemline lately. The mullet train can be either dressed up or down. For this shoot, I took a mid-range approach by rocking super casual flat-forms.
Say what you will, but I'm obsessed with flat-forms. In my mind, these bad boys are the happy medium: the height and forwardness of heels and the comfort of flats. The floral print gives this ensemble that oh-so necessary burst of color. J'adore.

Aren't these sunnies absolutely everything? My mom got them for me as an Easter present and I've been head-over-heels in love with them ever since. The mod roundness works perfectly with the whimsy sunglass arms.

I love the slinkiness of this dress. It's so comfy and gives off a lingerie feeling without being too risque. 

Who doesn't love stacking bracelets during the summer. I officially am double stacking- let's see how high I can go this summer! 

This ensemble is simple enough that it can be recreated in so many ways. Not feeling the mullet hem? Rocking a maxi dress has a similar, glamorous effect. Not a dress kind of girl? Try an asymmetrical skirt! For an effortless look, nix the necklace and pile those bracelets and rings! As for the flat-forms, expect a flat-form post in the very near future.

All photo credit goes to Christine Chen. Check out her portfolio because she's such a talented graphic designer and photographer.



  1. Thanks for the shout-out Kelsey! :) You're a fantastic model. Also, this is my new portfolio: http://cargocollective.com/christinechen

    And you owe me a bubble tea date!!

  2. This chic is smokin'!