Monday, 21 February 2011

Williamson's Form of Flattery?

As London Fashion Week is underway, I have been perusing the looks.  But something struck me when I looked at Matthew Williamson's Fall 2011 Collection:

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I've always loved Matthew Williamson for his fun prints; he's always made me think of bohemian/resort chic. But this piece seems a little too familiar a little too...Marchesa?
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Is it just me, or does the black Williamson possess a creepily striking comparison to this orange Marchesa look from Resort 2011? While the two have a plethora of differences, I can't help feeling as if I'm looking at basically the same dress. 

So the real question now: which one is better
Let us partake in Williamson versus Marchesa.

Matthew Williamson
I think that the black scheme is very universal; I know I have a hard time pulling off orange. As everyone should know by now, I really love long sleeved mini dresses. I also really like the fringing at the collar; however,  I 'm not how sure I like the sporadic fringing along the dress. While I think the fringe is well placed, and may even be flattering, it can be a bit overbearing.
As I mentioned before, the orange is a little hard to pull off and I don't really like the length of the sleeves in this version. But, I love how this dress almost looks metallic, which is a really cool contrast to the orange. The unbalanced fringe makes it look edgy and really chic.

Alas, I think I like the Matthew Williamson version better, sorry Marchesa. copying the equivalent to fabulous?

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