Sunday, 20 February 2011

The Weekly: If You Can Go Downtown With a Girl Like Me

Once upon a time, I used to think that Rihanna was such a fashion icon: she had the perfect blend of edge and style to make her something really special. But things changed. Yes this is going to be a ranting blog. I just don't understand, what happened to Rihanna's style. Of course everyone feels for her Chris Brown tragedy; however, her fashion sense is starting to scare me.  Remember when she looked so amazing?
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I loved when she wore this Zac Posen at the 2008 Grammy Awards. The color was so stunning and the knee length hem was genuinely fascinating. I remember it was back then when I thought to myself, "Self, Rihanna is going to be a fashion icon."

But let's fast-foward to NOW.
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I'm totally all for being an original for fashion, but there's a fine line between "individuality" and "costume frenzy" and Rihanna has totally crossed it. I don't know who made this dress and quite frankly, I don't want to know. All of these bright colors, mixed with her clownish red hair makes her look ridiculous in my opinion.  She has such potential: WHAT WENT WRONG?! This also brings up another question: what exactly does it take to become a fashion icon in contemporary society? Do you have to dress too insane, a la Gaga and Rihanna, or can you dress with taste and be considered iconic?

I don't really have an answer, but just a cute little thought!

Anyways, onto the weeklies!

  • Rosamund Pike at the 2011 BAFTA Awards (McQueen): Here's an upcoming trend for you: wearing incredible McQueen prints on the red carpet. You would think that a blonde wearing a yellow dress would be way to much yellow, but the different shades made this monochromatic look tres chic! Her wavy hair made this look so ethereal and awesome.  And the natural browns she used for her belts and bracelets added to this ethereal look. I actually liked the red carpet interpretation much better than the runway look because I was too focused on the belt and bangles, though the silver leaf look is so cool.
  • Gemma Arterton at the 2011 BAFTA Awards (Yves Saint Laurent):  I thought this dress was super fun, like a modern take on Marilyn's "Diamonds" dress. Periwinkle and black is such a stunning and sophisticated color duo, which is even better by mixing fabrics. I'm glad that she toned down the accessories and focused more on eye-popping makeup. The bright red lip is so elegant and perfectly fits this chic Parisian look. LOVING IT.
  • Blake Lively at a Van Cleef&Arpels Party (Marchesa): Once again, Blake Lively is the best dressed at a party, shocking! Is anyone starting to sense my eternal jealousy? If anyone else were to try and pull off this Marchesa, I would probably really hate it. But Blake knows how to wear such a complex dress and make it look effortless and incredible: nude heels and no jewels. Her slightly messy hair also makes this outfit work. Ugh,  I wish I was her.

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