Thursday, 17 February 2011

Ra Ra Fashion Baby

So New York fashion week is coming to a close. Obviously it is time to reflect. There are so many beautiful shows, so this blog is going to be a doozy. 

One of the major trends I've seen throughout the week is a major 1990's revival, as I discussed in the Tibi blog. We've seen a lot of this in Gray Graham, Edun, and Vena Cava.  Some may hate this idea, but I kind  of love it. Not saying it's an easy way out, but the trial error portion of the 90's is over...because it happened in the 90's. So I think we can expect less of the hideous looks and more sleek and chic 90's inspired looks. But of course, a crucial part of the 90's look is looking confused and distressed.
Gary  Graham

Vena Cava

Also, brights are pretty awesome for the fall season.  While various designers showed us some color, my favorite was Luca Luca's collection. I loved how the colors in the collection were bright enough, but not in-your-face-neon. They were rich and sophisticated, which is 100% appropriate for the incoming season. I also loved the use of orange, which is really random but I feel like it's an understated color but Luca Luca knows how to make it enviable. L'Wren Scott also owned the color trend this season.  The colors in L'Wren Scott were really different than those in Luca Luca, but I still loved them! Instead of being rich and sophisticated, these colors were really pretty.

As always, there were some absolutely fabulous party wear. I loved looks from Alice&Olivia, Badgley Mischka (let's be honest... Jennifer Lawrence should have rocked this pink and black look if it was out), and Monique Lhuillier. All I have to say is that Oscars are going to be awesome.  Also, I'm seriously considering planning a classy and sophisticated party.

Remember when I said that white was making a comeback...not letting this go.

Speaking of Elie Tahari... I'm now going to talk about specific shows.

I LOVED ELIE TAHARI. The looks in this runway show are fabulously different, but still has a fabulous cohesiveness.  What I love most about Elie Tahari was that I didn't feel like I was looking at the same thing; everything was so spectacular and unique. It also reminded me a lot of Black Swan , and everyone here knows how I feel about Black Swan. The evolution of black to white to animal fierce and chocolates to deep rubies was everything that I love. 
Photo Cred
Ruffian was pretty awesome as well. I really enjoyed the whole tuxedo and masculinity versus femininity. The three dimensional aspects of some of the looks were pretty sick really different. I don't think that Ruffian is 100% wearable necessarily, but it's great to look at, right? Oh and by the way, totally obsessed with this look: 
Photo Cred

Also, Rodarte makes me think.

Diane von Furstenberg was absolutely incredible. The one word to describe this show: sleek. I loved it. DVF always understands women and what they want in fashion. But this show, was the sexiest one I think I've seen from DVF. But of course, she also gave us trendy looks. She's just my favorite, I love her.
Photo Cred


I was expecting some fabulous looks, and that's what we got. Gurung's collection was 100% FIERCE. Each look was better than the next, seriously. The colored fur was so retro but so sick, I want it! Overall, the collection was essentially blacks, whites, reds, and pinks which was awesome. I loved when he mixed together the different colors. Each look had its own inspiration and silhouette which was absolutely incredible; however, the frequent black belt really tied it all together. And this collection better get some Oscar recognition.
I don't think I'll be able to adequately describe how much I love this collection, but it was truly amazing. It was so Parisian chic meets All-American in my mind, which I'm so smitten with. The jackets, first of all, were smashing. I'm OBSESSED with lace so this is stunning. The prints throughout Wu's show were so retro and really simple, perfect for accessorizing.  Although the collection was mostly black and white, the colors that Wu incorporated were really sleek and sophisticated. What I loved about this collection was that he wasn't trying to wow us with flashy colors, just his designs. The little party dresses were also incredible and super sexy. And the little bundles of fur were also Jason, you're seriously making me the happiest girl in the world. I've always really liked Jason Wu, but this collection made me love him.
Photo Cred
Alrighty, that was good fun.


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