Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Tibi RTW Fall 2011

So yesterday I went to fashion week and it was awesome! 
Last night, Tibi ruled the runway. Sleek looks of red, white, gold, grey, and navy strutted its way down the catwalk. There was a lively vibe; high energy music played  and the lights were fully turned on as the supermodels did their thing!
According to the program's description, this collection was heavily inspired by "the sleek and modern simplicity of the 90s". What I loved about this collection was how it wasn't scary grunge inspired; however,  it was more like Clueless 90's (with more class)...and who doesn't love Clueless?
The show was stocked with amazing separates and party dresses. What I loved most was how there was something in this collection for everyone: the preppy, the trendy, the indie. the androgynous- EVERYONE!   The fun shapes and silhouettes was mixed perfectly with the lace, appliques, and Rococo style prints.
My favorites you may ask? Well, since my pictures won't show off how awesome these looks are, here we come (but more of my pictures later).
  • The shearling biker jacket mixed with a beautiful chiffon floral dress. The juxtaposition of tough versus girly was so sick.  Mixing fabrics is so awesome.
  • Mid-calf grey sweater dress. The simplicity of  this was to die for. A perfect staple and the cable-knit design gave it some pizazz. How incredible would this look with a little jacket and booties? Really incredible is the answer!
  • Spider Lace pant and blouse duo. At this moment the collection got interesting and I eventually fell in love. I was happy to read  in the program that this was not a playsuit, or else the print would have been TOO striking for the streets. Anyways, I loved this! The lace was super fun and on their own, these two pieces can really pull an outfit together and make it look unique. And we all secretly want to be unique.
  • Spider Lace shirt dress: Once again, obsessed. I think the fitted silhouette with such a fun design is different; we are usually bored with flowing dresses and overbearingly bright prints. But because this is fall, we are given something classy and wearable. I'm already thinking of amazing accessories to finish this look off with!
  • Teal Crepe dress: I am so smitten with this color- GORGEOUS! As we are all aware, longer skirts are making a comeback. What I loved about this one was the mixing of fabrics. The silk and chiffon combo made a long dress exciting, which is difficult to find because the world is obsessed with minimalism.
  • Gold and navy Jacquard dress: In my mind,  a  gold and navy duo  is such an unappreciated color combination but, when used, is absolutely fabulous. Color blocking was  taken to a new level here; the different fabrics made it more subtle but I think it looks fabulous and elegant. The knee hem is also classy.
  • Gold and navy blouse and trousers: Besides it being the best color combination- oh yeah I went there- I love the blouse and trousers can look absolutely fabulous on their own as well as together! When I look at this combination, only one word comes to mind: regal. It's probably the pants and the blouse's collar, but it seriously reminds me of a fabulous English kingdom. Obviously, this look can be toned down with simple staples which I think is good for those who aren't as willing to make a statement,
  • Jacquard box pleated dress: This is the part of the show when I fantasized about a nonexistent cocktail party I was hosting. This dress is so much fun and so youthful which, being a teenage girl, I love. I liked the hint of navy, which was smart or else this dress would've been TOO gold. Obsessed.
  • Full-skirted V dress: In my cocktail fantasy, I am flat chested and wearing this dress! So gorgeous! I love how this is more or less the grown up version of my prior favorite. The show was filled with a lot of cutesy dresses, which I love, so it was awesome to see something a bit more mature, which ultimately gave the collection a bit more of an age range.
  • One shouldered swan feathered dress: Obsessed with this red dress! I really love the whole idea of one shouldered dresses, so this is perfection. I usually think a red and black combination is a bit too harsh but I think the little black in the print made it not harsh, but ridiculously fabulous. The bodice almost looks like some kind of ruching or draping, either way I think it looks great with the full skirt.  For the record, this model handled the shoe malfunction like a champ!

  • Rococo race back and pleated skirt dress: I was really close to running onto the runway and stealing this; someone would HAVE to wear this to my fake cocktail party. I love how the prints on the bodice and skirt aren't identical, but work together so. It was the perfect amount of print and umm remember when I said we should all get used to white? Yeah...
  • High neck pouf dress: Another great look featured at my "cocktail party". The white/grey color mixed with the chiffon appliques was the perfect blend of understated and ah-maz-ing. This dress is 100% fun and I think anyone who wears it will feel and look incredible.  I'm glad this isn't just a typical "sweetheart" neckline; the high neckline takes away a little bit of the cutesy quality (not too much because it's adorable) and makes it edgier.
  final verdict on this collection= fabulous. absolutely fabulous.

And because you're not sick of this blog post yet, some pictures that I took!
Olivia Palermo and Vanessa big deal.

I loved seeing what the other on-lookers were wearing; some were  uber fierce and out there, while others were not. Needless to say, he was my favorite.

Just some struttin'.


Thank you,  Amy Silovic

Oh, and I was asked to shoot some segment questionnaire so  here's my first picture of myself on my blog? MILESTONE.

Once life becomes less stressful, I will be giving a full update on New York's Fashion Week so get ready!


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