Monday, 14 February 2011

Which Came First: The Egg or The Gaga

I think out of all of the award shows, the Grammys are my least favorite; I like my own kind of music not so much Top 40 hits. However, the Grammy's fashion is superb. It's so weird and really makes you think, which I love. It was hard to narrow it down, because the Grammy's don't have any strict fashion rules,  but I think I got a pretty solid list going on here. So without a moment to spare, let us discuss the best and worst, shall we?


  • Ciara (Pucci): I think it looked good on her and definitely Grammy appropriate, I just really didn't like it. There needed to be more fabric and less slit. The fabrics were also really weird put together, I thought. Usually I really like Pucci, but this wasn't my favorite.
  • Crystal Bowersox (Nobody knows who made this so far): Gross. No matter what, dreads will NEVER EVER EVER be a trend in my eyes. Do something nice with your hair, girl-who-I-do-not-know, this is the Grammys! As much as I love emerald green, it made her look rather old and chunky. The fabric is also pretty wrinkled, not okay.
  • Gaga (Farm): For real? Yeah, Gaga's a pretty cool individual but this is getting annoying now. She's not being a human, but a spectacle. It's just really really old now. If I wanted to see this, I'd watch the History channel.
  • Jennifer Lopez (Pucci): Her hair is fab, her shirt is not, I love the sparkles, but why is she looking like a Jenny from the Sketchy Street Corner. FIX YOUR HEM. Thumbs down, JLO, you should've known better.
  • Kim Kardashian (KaufmanFranco): Kim, don't pretend that you're old school Jennifer Lopez. I hate this so much.  This looks so trashy and it's not even flattering! Her hair and makeup, however, looks really good. But it gets overshadowed by the stupid sparkly sac.
  • Natasha Bedingfield (Something blue...nobody knows): This is extremely cheesy; very Miss America, in my mind. She looked a million times better at the pre-Grammy awards, why couldn't she swap?!
  • Keri Hilson (Basil Soda): Perfect for the Grammy Awards! She seriously hit the nail on the head with this one. Her blonde do looks so smashing with this bright blue mini. Bringing a splash of color to the red carpet, as well as that asymmetrical neckline. I kind of wish that the shoes were different, but she kept it classy and cool for this red carpet, BRAVO! 
  • Nicole Kidman (Jean Paul Gaultier): So smitten with this look. Obviously, we don't expect Nicole Kidman to be carried in an egg,but she looked remarkable. The colors went beautifully with her complexion and ever so flattering. I think it was the perfect amount of cool for the Grammy Awards, in terms of Nicole Kidman that is.
  • Lea Michele (Pucci): The lips are a bit harsh, but she still looks fabulous. I love how this is the anti-LBD: the slit is hypnotic and the lace is super super cool.  She kept the hair down which, in any other situation, would be kind of awkward worked for the Grammy awards. I'm glad she didn't try to incorporate a splash of color with the shoes; the dress had the perfect amount of "wow" to be chic.
  • Florence Welch (Givenchy): I think this is one of the only times in history where I like this look significantly better on the red carpet than the runway. On the model, it looked really scary; however, Welch makes it so fun and ethereal. The no accessories was a good move, though: it would've been way too forced with out it.  Heaven on a runway.
  • Jennifer Hudson (Versace): I'm really upset that she lost so much waste; I personally feel like she sold out and was ashamed of her curves which is INSANE. Anywho, she looks incredible in this Versace. The glitz, the navy and silver, the mullet hem- everything I love in a dress. This definitely is my favorite of the night. She looks rocker, but extremely put together. And the chunky Louboutins mimic the lines of the bodice of her dress. She's doing me proud.


  1. What about Rhianna when she was singing "Love The Way You Lie"? I thought she looked great in that black/yellow dress.

  2. Love you blog! You keep everyone update. I no longer have to buy magazines to read and see what the celebs are wearing. Keep up your work.