Wednesday, 9 February 2011

True Love

So Prabal Gurung gave us frequents a little taste of his new collection.
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What more can I say than "WOW"? It seems very different to his S/S 2011 collection which, no offense, I'm thrilled about. The silhouettes and patterns, for the most part, were extremely minimalist to me, you know how I feel about minimalism (seriously, watch me change my blog into "The Anti-Minimalist"...nah I like my new title too much). Thought Gurung is supposed to be the hottest new designer, I have yet to be wowed by him. Some of his outfits are Klein with color, I was something innovative and absolutely fabulous. Ladies and Gents, I think we may get that in this collection. I'm incredibly interested in this glittered shirt with white pants, didn't I just blog about that combination? Hmmm..

Although New York's Fashion Week kicks off today with The Red Dress Collection, Gurung will be showing his collection on Saturday. 

Prepare to be wowed.

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