Sunday, 27 February 2011

The F Word is Fashion, Melissa Leo

I couldn't even wait until tomorrow to start talking about the fashion. Overall, I'm pleased: this year, we really got something to talk about!
I think Anne and James are doing a fabulous job hosting. I especially loved the singing!
But just for the record, I will start a Bostonian riot if Natalie Portman doesn't win. My boyfriend said he'll do something similar if Colin Firth doesn't win. If they both lose, the northeast should be very afraid!

So without a moment to spare, here's my view on the 2011 Oscars.
Click the links to see and judge for yourself!

  • Jennifer Lawrence (Calvin Klein Collection): While her hair and makeup is awesome, I really don't think casual minimalism is the way to go for the Oscars. Especially if you are a nominee for best actress. This would've been perfect for the SAGs, or even the Golden Globes, but for the Academy Awards? No thank you. She was quite fancy for the other ceremonies, why go casual now?
  • Michelle Williams (Chanel): Her hair and makeup, once again, was supreme; however, this dress completely washed us out. Light skin+blonde hair+ light dress= blob of light. She's worn a lot of light this award season, couldn't she have mixed it up? She had so many hits in previous seasons, but this wasn't good enough for me.
  • Mandy Moore (Monique Lhuillier): On the surface, it's a really pretty dress,  Mandy Moore looks so old school Hollywood. But I think the separation of sparkles  and the silhouette is kind of awkward. The waist is kind of boxy and, to be perfectly honest, basically everyone has worn a beige sparkled dress to the Oscars. It's time to get a new look. Also, I really hate the earrings she wore with this. It was, once again, awkward.
  • Sharon Stone (Dior): BLACK SWAN GONE  TERRIBLY TERRIBLY WRONG. I have never seen something more disturbing than that hair!  The silhouette is awesome, but the ostrich feathers and the STUPID HAIR makes this the worst dress of the night, in my mind. Sharon Stone's been around for a while, I really think she should know better. There's no excuse.
  • Nicole Kidman (Dior): Nicole is a beautiful woman and I understand her intentions with this dress, but it was executed poorly. The designs were weird and the architectural aspects made her look bottom heavy. Also, I felt like a bare neck would've been better with this dress. Good try, though!
  • Marisa Tomei (Charles James): Why would you ever think this is okay? I hate this dress so much! While the navy's a good color on her, it is not flattering in the slightest. The silk and tulle- is it tulle- breakdown is really awkward. Maybe if the tulle-we're going to say it is tulle- started at the waist?  will say that I do like the neckline.
  • Florence Welch (Valentino): She's awesome and this dress is totally her, but I wish that she glammed it up for the Oscars. This is the Oscars, people! I feel like she always wears this light beige/yellow color and if she experimented with a different pastel, it literally would have made the world's difference.
  • Melissa Leo (Marc Bouwer): Melissa Leo, not only did you drop a F-bomb, but you also taught us that yes, there is such a thing as too much lace. Maybe if this was black lace, it would've been awesome. But it's too overwhelming, especially for the winter.  Also, this dress doesn't have any movement, which is awkward.
  • Mila Kunis (Elie Saab): Obsessed. She is turning into such a trendsetter. This was perfection. The lilac was beautiful on her and this dress was so cool and effortless. The lace around the neckline, as well as the semi-see through areas of the dress, made this dress young and sexy. And the hair, makeup, jewels? Incredible. She has a knack for making people envious of her because she's that cool. I love her. 
  • Cate Blanchet (Givenchy Couture): I'm so smitten with this art. It's not just an awards outfit, but it is art. She is the perfect person to wear this fabulous piece. I can't really re-call anyone wearing something similar o this on the red carpet, which is why I'm so pleased. I feel like a lot of people won't understand this look because it is more avant garde than your typical Oscar gown, but it's so beautiful and really interesting. And hints of yellow? Who does yellow? Cate Blanchet does, that's who.
  • Scarlett Johansson (Dolce and Gabbana): A lot of people aren't fans of this dress, but I really love it. The raspberry color is absolutely incredible and I love Scarlett's take on lace. The cool and casual hair was so chic and ravishing. The back was so awesome which really made the dress for me. I do not think it photographed all that well, but I bet it looks incredible in person. I think there was a lot of hub-bub about it being see-through. But,  it's the Oscars. Stylists are smarter than that.
  • Hilary Swank (Gucci): Ladies and Gents, this is how sparkles and feathers are supposed to be done. The silhouette was awesome and having a silver look throughout made the feathers more subtle instead of clownish.  And the lack of jewels was the perfect thing to counteract such a shimmery dress! In my mind, this was Zoe Saldana's Oscar look last year done right. 
  • Halle Berry (Marchesa): This is the way to wear pastels! Her skin tone looks amazing with this beige and certainly doesn't wash her out. The details on this dress, as all Marchesa dresses, are absolutely incredible. She rocked the minimal jewels looks which was perfection for this outfit.
  • Natalie Portman (Rodarte): I'm typing this as the Best Actress nominees are being announced: I'm really nervous. Anywho, she looks absolutely radiant. I'm obsessed with this purple color and I'm glad she's giving Rodarte (she just won YAYAYAY) some credit. Her tassel earrings are supreme. And as always, she knows how to look appropriate and classy when pregnant. I love her!
AND NOW FOR SOME ANNE: So many looks and she has seriously rocked them all. I loved her red Valentino gown when strutting down the red carpet. That train was such a red carpet moment and the epitome of glamour. Loved it.  And the red lips made it so iconic, which I loved! And can we talk about the tasseled Oscar de la Renta gown she wore? It was so retro and chic. I'm obsessed. And the red Armani Prive? The red looked incredible with Anne's dark hair and light complexion.  The beading was incredible and even though it reminds me of Armani Prive she wore in the past, the color made it something new. Even the Lanvin tux during her sing-a-long was so chic.


  1. Loved Mila in the Elie Saab. Sharon Stone is an attractive woman, but missed here. Great blog!

  2. Any thoughts on Gwyneth Paltrow?


  3. I think that Gwyneth looked amazing. In contrast to Jennifer Lawrence, she did Calvin Klein right, especially for the oscars. I found the neckline to be extremely futuristic and interesting and the shimmery color was so Oscar. Even though I don't like minimalism all that well, I loved how she didn't overstep her boundaries as a performer. She looked age and status appropriate for this award show. It wasn't one of my favorite because I felt like the dress had no movement an I didn't like the brooch by the hip line, so I was more indifferent about this dress.

  4. Scarlett looked did Halle and Natalie I agree about Sharon Stone she just tries too hard!