Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The VMA's

Sometimes, I find it odd that MTV still has their annual VMA ceremony: all MTV shows anymore is Jersey Shore, The City, and Teen Mom. What do those three have in common? A lack of MUSIC OR MUSIC VIDEOS. Remember TRL?  Regardless, what I saw of the show was decent. I was not a fan of TayTay's strike back to Kanye (it's been a year, be classy about it) or Rihanna's new hair, but watching the ever so original Gaga is always exciting. So now it's come down to this, the best and worst dressing of the 2010 VMAs: enjoy!


  • Gaga ( The Meat Dress): I'm all for originality, but this was a little too far for me. MEAT? Umm...no thank you. It was just odd.  I know she loves causing controversy and creating a statement but even me, a devoted meat fan, was taken back by this. It didn't even have a nice silhouette!
  • Jane Lynch: EWWWWWWW I HATE THIS SO MUCH. It's like Sue Sylvester got fancy. I hated this too much. It's so ugly and I know she's no fashion icon but she could've opted for a shorter jacket. She looks like a  character from The Matrix. The absolute worst.
  • Ke$ha: Trash bags r us. Okay, I get that her whole thing is to be a hot mess but this is just too much. Trash bags and fur? It seriously looks like she a killed raccoon.
  • Snooki: Why are you famous? This is gross. SHE'S GROSS. I'm having absolutely none of this. The shoes are alright but this dress?! What the hell?  The pattern is gross and all of these peek-a-bo things?! UGH-LY 
  • Selena Gomez: Perfection. She looks absolutely ravishing! The silver gown is absolutely GORGEOUS with her complexion. The blue bead-work at the bodice gives this dress the perfect amount of excitement. The pony tail also makes this dress more relaxed. I wish her shoe was more interesting (a red sole maybe) but she still looks STUNNING.
  • Ashley Greene: The black and white mini is absolutely AMAZING. She accessorized it with black and white but, for some reason, it's not boring. I love everything that Ashley wears, especially this one!
  • Emma Stone: A+ work. This look is quite minimalist, which I usually hate, but I love this. It's so event perfect and she looks like rockstar in the sexy Pucci number. The purple clutch is the perfect accessory and the different textures makes the outfit more interesting. 

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  1. I agree...Lady Gaga took it too far. Seems like she is trying too hard to be different. I lost respect for her attempt at originality. She should have gone to Bloomingdales in Westchester County NY and borrowed one of the display dresses made out of Bloomingdale paper bags by fashion students from a local college. These dresses and GOWNS were truly spectacular! The detailing was unbelieveable!