Sunday, 12 September 2010

The Weekly: All About Blake

So my guilty-ish pleasure is coming back this week to TV: GOSSIP GIRL. I watch Gossip Girl not because of it's addicting drama but for THE CLOTHES. Eric Daman is such a genius when it comes to styling each character in he or she's own unique way. And they're going to be in Paris so we can only hope for some stellar Parisian fashion. So, in dedication to the premiere, I decided to make this weekly look blog about Blake Lively. She's just an it girl in the fashion world. Like did anyone read that article in the September Issue of Vouge? And how Christian Louboutin named a shoe after her?! I died when I read that.  I will admit though, the girl knows how to dress. So I've picked out a few outfits of Blake Lively from this week that I LOVE.

  • At Vogue Fashion Show: She's been really into the cleavage lately and I was so excited to see her something that wasn't overtly sexy. This Marchesa dress is so hip and cool and I love how she wore it: no uber special jewels or shoes, allowing the dress to be the overall "wow" factor.
  • At Sotto Sotto: What I admire most about this outfit is how she looks put together and chic even when she's going out for dinner. I love the flow of this goddess-esque dress, but the strong strapped shoe gives it soem balance. The color looks amazing on her and once again, no cleavage spree!! She has such a naturally great sense of style, she doesn't need her boobs to explode out of her dresses!!

That's all I have for now buuuuuut things to look forward to:
  • Review of SS2011


  1. lady gaga's shoes at the vma's were a tad much, don't you think?

  2. lady gaga wore a dress made out of meat---disgusting!