Sunday, 26 September 2010

The Weekly: Manolo and More

So this week was lovely. I kind of sort of met Manolo Blahnik...yeah..that's right...IT WAS AWESOME! When I was at the Copley Shopping Center last weekend, I saw a sign that changed my life: "Personal Appearance of Manolo Blahnik". I almost died. So yesterday, I hopped on the T and trekked all the way to Neiman Marcus. Women of all shapes, sizes, and styles, came to see the shoe genius.  I waited in line for maybe a little over an hour and then it happened. I met Manolo. It was the COOLEST THING IN THE WORLD. I got picz and an autograph and I was in heaven. There were these Manolo Blahnik books for sale, but they were sold out. I told Manolo this and he apologized to me. Single handedly best experience.
Love at first sight

Aren't we cute?!

  • Sarah Jessica Parker at Burberry: I loooove this. I think her monotone look for some reason works so well. So many textures!! And it's so appropriate for the Burberry Show: the military inspired jacket was so London. I think the edginess of the brown ensemble worked so well with such a soft pink handbag. It was much better than that ugly wardrobe on SATC 2.
  • Cat Deeley at Burberry: Where to begin? She looks like the epitome of cool: I love the stealth black pants and the...MILITARY JACKET! Usually, I really don't like when people belt short shirts or jackets: it looks too weird to me. But this looks AWESOME. I think this works well because the belt hit right where the buttons stopped. And I love me some black booties! Her outfit looked so structure, yet her hair was so tousled and wild.  Perfect mix. I adore it.
  • Reese Witherspoon at the Livestrong Benefit: So I know that this look isn't quite versatile, but I think that she looks amazing. The jacket and dress combination was very business, but the shoes are so sexy. She never ceases to fresh and youthful. I just looove her! 


  1. You look so comfortable in those surroundings! It was certainly worth your time. Good for you! And your necklace is fab! Love your blog...keep up the great work!

    P.S. Manolo's open sharpie was a bit too close to your dress!

  2. you and manolo make a good couple kel!
    youve got a great eye kel! keep it up!!!!