Monday, 6 September 2010


So first week at college has been fuuuun. I'm currently in preparation for a JUNGLE THEMED PARTY so obvi, I pulled out the fur and cheetah that I brought with me. I just think that themed parties are the best idea EVER. They just seem like such a good mix of creativity and fashion and FUN! Love love love!  Anyways, on to the weekly looks! I just need to say that Jessica Alba has been owning it this week. LOVE HER. So they are!!

  • Oscar de la Renta (Resort 2011):  This is so nostalgic to the summer but I love all of the different patterns: they work so well together. And the yellow and blue color scheme?! LOVE. I think the beauty of this outfit is that separate, they'd be beautiful. But they are just so unexpected together but for some reason, it works. 
  • Jessica Alba at "The Late Show": A lot of people don't like this look, but I personally do. I think it's feminine and cute. The strong strapped shoes add a sense of masculinity to the ensemble. She's been having so many moments for Machete...I've never heard of the movie.
  • Jessica Alba at Venice Machete Premiere: I don't know if I love or hate this dress but I'm thoroughly intoxicated with it. It's just so interesting and quite unique. I'm personally loving the dress but the shoes? Not so much! The asymmetrical skirt, however, is so right on and I think it's interesting it's in brown. I know I didn't like brown dresses come Emmy time but's Jessica Alba!!
  • Natalie Portman at Venice Film Festival: Can I even describe how beautiful this dress is?! SHE LOOKED AMAZING! OH MY GOD SO BEAUTIFUL. The design was amazing and the red was so glam.  It moved perfectly in the wind and was perfectly accessorized. The only bad thing I have to say is that I wish I wore it...but I can't even say that because Natalie is such a star!! 

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