Tuesday, 21 September 2010

New York, New York

I've been so damn busy, I haven't even had a CHANCE to sit down and blog about Spring Summer 2011 RTW for New York. Of course it all started with New York's incredible fashion night out: my floormate told me yesterday that some of her attending friends saw ANNA WINTOUR there! Jealous? Absolutely!! Oh how I wish I went to school in New York so I  could attend this fabulous outing and even participate in the SCAVENGER HUNT.


Anyway... onto the actual shows. Some of the New York ones were a little too minimalism for me (I HATE HATE HATE minimalism), but I did love a plethora of them, three in particular. Why not one BIG ONE covering New York Fashion Week?! Good? Good.

Photo Cred: Vogue.com

Ralph Lauren, who lives in my same Hometown...throwing it out there, is such a fashion genius. He always does a wonderful job and his creations, from Ralph Lauren to Polo, are loved by many people with different styles. I personally feel like his Ralph Lauren collections typically have a western edge to them and his SS 2011 RTW collection was no different. This collection was completely cohesive, with the frequent white pieces and fringe invading the runway.  I loved this combination: white is so clean and fringe is so wild.  He did it absolutely right: although he added some plaids, blues,  and sequins, majority of the collection was filled with browns and neutrals. In order to make it exciting, he added fun elements: lace, fringe, ruffles, interesting sleeves, THE WORKS. And I LOVED the finale. The silver gown was absolutely gorgeous, and the belt made it cohesive with the whole collection and gave that Ralph Lauren je ne sais quoi. With forty years under his western belt, it's absolutely incredible that he can still create classically innovative clothes and successful runways!
Photo Cred: Vogue.com

Jason Wu. How Could you not love Jason Wu?! He's such an ingenious designer, Michelle Obama would know. His use of creativity combined with a slice of femininity is so now and I adore it. And this collection is no different. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS. Like this nude and navy dress? The color scheme is so unexpected but so awesome at the same time. I love his dimensional flowers and tiered layers. I frequently think of a fashion show as incorporating the same fabrics throughout the whole collection. But Jason Wu did something different: he used a bunch of different fabrics- some more sheer than others- but maintains a common silhouette and details that makes a cohesive show. I thought that he did an awesome job switching from dress to pants. Like that suit with the ruffled bandeau? LOVE. Everything that was there was exciting and envelope pushing in SOME way. I just love love LOVE Jason Wu and, in my personal opinion, he's going to be a legend.
Photo Cred: Vogue.com

If I ever go to any kind of high fashion gala or an award show, I am wearing Marchesa. I'm such a fan of Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig's work: it is just a combination of everything good in the world. I always look forward to seeing the Marchesa collection because I just know I'll LOVE it. So obviously I was blown away by this presentation.  When I do these Runway Reports, I look at the whole collections' thumbnails and write about it from there. But with this show, I looked at all of the outfits multiple times because they completely depict what fashion is. Fashion is beautiful wearable art. It was an actual challenge to pick out my favorite because they are all SO SO SO BEAUTIFUL. Maybe Marchesa doesn't provide the most cohesive collection, but I don't necessarily see that as a bad thing in this situation: every single look is 100% unique: the silhouettes, colors, fabrics, necklines, hemlines, "fashion elements", EVERYTHING. It's seriously a smorgasbord of heaven. Even the playsuits are something to actually DIE for. Yes, there constant fashion drama and formation of the show is a bit repetitive, but there's no dying that they do what they do BEAUTIFULLY.
This may be one of my absolute favorite collections. Too far? NEVER.


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