Thursday, 23 September 2010

I Have No Defense I Know You're Gonna Get Me...

While my post title may be a lyric from Maroon 5's "Give a Little More" (I'm LOVING 'Hands All Over', by the way) buuut it's more in reference to the MINI shopping spree I had with three of my friends today. We found out about a sporadic "Vintage Bazaar" at school and we HAD TO GO. I was excepting it to be a wee bit lame, but we all ended up finding stuff! Too bad we came towards the end though, I bet they had a pretty decent array of products but they were cheaper, which is always good for us college kids! Like a huge silk scarf and beaded jacket for $15. That's a steal!!  The best thing about vintage/thrifty shopping is that you get to be a total original: you're not buying something because everyone else has it or just because it's cheap, most things at thrifty places are cheap, you're buying it because you love it. And that's what fashion is: love. To quote Moulin Rouge, "A love that will live forever" (cue depressing end music).
My new scarf is so perfect! Red and gold, as I've said before, is such a regal combo and the scarf is large enough for innovation!

It's a bit spring, but it'll be the perfect thing to wear with some dark leather boots! It reminded me of the gorgeous floral dress SJP  during the first scene of the Sex and the City Movie.

Look at the detail!



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