Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Trend to Love: Patterned Tights

It's official: winter is near. When I was home this past weekend, I packed my extremely puffy jacket and brought it pack to Beantown. I'm not kidding. As much as I love the winter, I do feel as if the weather kind of cramps my style, literally. How can we be both super chic and warm? Ladies and gent, I give you an ode to patterned tights.

Are we surprised that I was initially inspired by Kourtney Kardashian and her impressive collection of tights? No. I'm really crazy about her transparent tights so that's something I must add to my wardrobe. 
If you're wearing an opaque tight, I think it's really important that they are a dark hue: it's both wintry and slimming!  That means NO BRIGHTS. Sorry I'm being very emo about tights; however, I think bright tights can easily turn into a style DON'T.
I have a random love for houndstooth so I obviously had to buy these bad boys. The tiny houndstooth print will make your legs look long and lean. I have no idea what I'm going to wear these with...probably a black dress. I wear black like it's my job.

I love lace-inspired tights: they add a dash of sexy to any outfit! Last week, I wore these tights with a romper and a plush blazer. It was a little awkward when it looked like I was only wearing a blazer and these tights but oh well!  With tights like these, almost anything goes. As long as you don't OD on the prints,  you'll be fine. If you're too cold to wear lace-inspired tights, you can always put a pair of black tights underneath: the texture will be super cool!
 I know these are red; however, they'e appropriate for this season because they're not a bright red. I love the pattern on these tights because it gives them a vintage vibe. To look super styling, pair tights like these with a black outfit.

I'm wearing these today! In my personal opinion, they're a great way to make an all black ensemble pop. I'll break it down for you: I'm wearing black leather shorts, a black long sleeve shirt, tall black boots, and a spiked bracelet.  Seductive, right? What would be a rather primitive outfit is spiced up by these tights. Oh also the red lip I added. Always gotta add a red lip. With tights like these, you can always play around with different patterns. I'm thinking an oversized flannel top with jean shorts?

In the event you haven't gotten enough of patterned tights- clearly, you haven't- here are a couple of Style Guidelines for wearing patterned tights.
  1. When in Doubt, Wear Black: Since patterned tights usually incorporate some awesome (dark) colors and details, a black ensemble is always a chic option . Of course, you're more than welcomed to try fun colors; however, take an extra look in the mirror before you go out.
  2. There Should be Minimal Secondary Patterns: Only in special exceptions- like the dotted tights above- is experimenting with other patterns a Style Do. Otherwise, you may just look confused. A simple rule of thumb is a the following: if the design on your tights is minimal, you can try styling it with printed clothes.
  3. Never Underestimate the Power of Boots: For patterned tights, I vote wearing boots: they're winter-appropriate and the height of your boots will allow the patterned tight to pop, not hypnotize.
  4. Statement Jewels: A super sick necklace or earrings is the best way to balance the tights. If you don't have something fabulous on top, the patterned tights will look a little too harsh, not chic. If strong jewels aren't your thing, try a red lip.
  5. Watch the Hemlines: The beauty of patterned tights is that they look awesome with shorts, dresses, or skits. Just make sure your hemline isn't too short: your outfit won't look as class an fashion forward.

With tights like these, you'll be super cozy and chic this season! 

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