Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Style Files: You Think You've Seen This Town Clear Through

Over the summer,  I developed a new addiction: buying inexpensive CDs. After I picked up my shampoo, I'd casually stroll to Target's electronic collection. They always seem to have discounted CDs, which I don't have the strength to resist. This obsession has quickly turned into a random collection of music: CAKE, Sublime, Cee Lo Green, and The Grateful Dead, for example.   Before listening to my latest purchase, I've always associated The Grateful Dead with the oh-so-popular "Dead Heads."  If you like The Gratfeul Dead, I thought, you must be a heavy druggie. I learned, however, that this band is so much more than its infamous fan-base. In fact,  I sort of love their music.


Lately, I've been really into buying new beauty products and trying trends. What a lot of people fail to realize is that your hair and makeup plays a HUGE roll in completing an outfit. An unfortunate makeup situation or a terrible flat-iron job can ruin everything: fashion is risky business. To assert this belief, I'm making a little change for this week's Style Spiration. This week, the spotlight shines on Brigitte Bardot because her hair and makeup equals fabulousity.

This definitely proves my point. The heavy eye makeup and the flower in her hair gives off a nice juxtaposition between femininity and edgy rocker. (Photo Cred)
In my personal opinion, straight and long hair coupled with a center part screams retro! (Photo Cred)
With everyday beauty looks, a balance is necessary. In this picture, Bardot's heavy eye makeup looks stellar with the light lip. Balance, beautiful people, balance! (Photo Cred)

  • Nikki Reed at the Twilight Premiere (Michael Kors): I'm in love with this look. The intene contrast between the yellow and the black is stunning and works so well with this strong silhouette. The cutout and the slit is super sexy; however, the halter top keeps it classy. Those shoes are the PERFECT thing to wear with this dress: they mimic the lines of the dress so well. Almost too well... anyways.  Keeping the hair and makeup clean makes this strong look cohesive. Also, the red lip is a win! 
  • Miranda Kerr at a MoMA Benefit (Peter Pilotto): I love the juxtaposition between the eclectic print of the dress and the strong, yet plain,  accessories: this look is simple without losing any of its chicness. The silhouette is very flattering and gives Kerr a nice shape. Also, that red lip? I rest my case.
  • Doutzen Kroes at the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards (I Wish I Knew...): This is such a stellar statement look. The dramatic skirt and the semi-sheer top is a fabulous combination.  I know some people might think that the bra-posure is a bit much, I think this is the classiest way to pull off this trend. Keeping this outfit all black, in addition to the clean hair and makeup, is a smart idea since this is a lot of dress! Fabulous, though. Absolutely fabulous.


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