Monday, 21 November 2011

The 2011 American Music Awards

I have a bone to pick with the American Music Awards. I didn't watch the show; however,  I know that something very, very wrong happened:

Clearly, they made a HUGE mistake . If you haven't heard Adele's album, 21, you may live underneath a rock. In my opinion, it's the best album of the year and Adele is the best artist...ever: she is so honest and the album is  beautiful. I could literally go on a day-long rant about Taylor Swift: I hate her.  I think she's annoying and why does she always act so surprised when she wins? The AMAs is obviously an exception to that complaint because she shouldn't have won. TayTay, you're so 2009. Now that I typed out my feelings, let's talk about the fashion. 

  • Kimberly Perry of "The Band Perry" (Bottega Veneta): Remember when Emma Stone rocked this look better than Kimberly Perry? I do. 'Twas the 2011 MTV Movie Awards. Yeah, it's a cool dress; however, fashion repeats make me uncomfortable. Also, I don't think this flatters her body very well: a longer hemline would've accentuated her pear-shape. Also, those shoes are weird.
  • Cheryl Hines (Lorena Sarbu); Awkward city. The bodice is really pretty; however, it's too boxy and makes her look large. The hair and makeup is stunning, but it'd be more appropriate on a- dare I utter the name- Taylor  Swift. That hemline makes me feel uncomfortable- it's too cheesy- and I don't like those shoes with this dress. Awkward city. 
  • Jennifer Hudson (Jenny Packham): In my humble opinion, she's too old to wear such a short dress. General rule to follow: if you have kids, don't  go higher than a mid-thigh hem. It makes me feel uncomfortable. Clearly, the theme of the 2011 American Music Awards is rage and uncomfortableness. Anywho, the draping of the dress doesn't do anything for her enviable figure.  The hair is super sleek, which I love, but I'm not a fan of that fuchsia lip. Usually, I love a fuchsia lip; however, this isn't doing anything for me. It's a shame because Jennifer Hudson has been doing such a great job dressing herself! 
  • Jennifer Morrison (Temperley London): Ladies and gent, NEVER EVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF A PAIR OF SHOES. I loved the hair, especially with such an ethereal dress, but those shoes ruined the look. Ruined it, I tell yah! I think a killer pair of pumps would've made this incredible. Whoopsies.
  • Mary J. Blige (Roberto Cavalli): I really don't like this: the large animal print isn't very flattering. I like the idea of a one-shouldered dress, but what's that awkward fabric situation on her left arm? Also, those earrings look awkward with such a fierce dress. Not a fan.
  • Phoebe Price (I Don't Want to Know): There are so many things wrong with this. I actually think this is my all-time favorite "Worst Dressed" look because it's that bad. Here goes a random enumeration: the hat is weird, that makeup looks like those creepy old ladies on Rugrats, the dress is super unflattering, and what's up with that fur? THE WORST OF THE WORST. 


  • Katherine Heigel (Roberto Cavalli): She looks so awesome: I love it! That plunging neckline and high slit are so sultry; however, she classes it up with a sleek updo and that stunning red lip. On anyone else, I think this dress could be a bit much: I mean, did you see that back? Instead, Katherine looks like a glamourous superstar! Also, I really want those earrings.
  • Selena Gomez (Giorgio Armani): I think it's really ironic when such a young person rocks the "Old Hollywood Glamour" look, but Selena looks absolutely stunning. The draping on the dress is so luxe and I love the hint of fringe! The glossy pewter acts as a neutral; however, the color doesn't wash Selena out. Such a classic hairdo is new for her, but it's so classic. To keep this look young, Selena opted for a peach lip instead of the typical red lip. Fabulous! 
  • Taylor Swift (Reem Acra): Even though I really despise her with almost every fiber of my being, I have to admit that this look is good. For her. It's pretty typical Taylor Swift- apparel: a sparkly, neutral dress with a simple silhouette. However, I do like how she mixed up the hairL the ponytail makes her look younger. The jade-colored earrings are also a nice surprise. Maybe one day, she'll actually do something to surprise us.
  • Hillary Scott (Rani Zakhem): This is absolutely stunning. The column silhouette plus the the Swarovski embellishments equals perfection. Hillary takes the LBD to the next level, which I love. Her casual hair and dark eye slash light lip combination is a perfect final touch. Gorgeous!  
  • Nicki Minaj (Oscar de la Renta): This is actually stunning. Sure, her hair is typical Nicki; however, the dress is gorgeous. I love the mix between the delicate bodice and the dramatic skirt. Also, the contrast of black and green is strikingc, but not overwhelming. And the styling is superb: I love how well the Alexander McQueen shoes complement the dress' bodice. Minimal jewels is also good for this look, or else it would've been too much. Phenomenal.


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