Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Her Campus's College Survival Kit: A Stylish Student's New Best Friend

The life of a college student, or collegiette, is hard. From scoring that stellar internship to creating a sartorially superior ensemble, these four years are filled with its fair share of both glam and unglamorous moments. Her Campus--the Bible for collegiettes, and a company I've been a part of for over two years (shameless plug: it's awesome)--sent me their very own "Back-to-School Survival Kit." Thankfully, these products will help any student have a chic semester.

Clipboards, notebooks, and pens, oh my! 

Between midterms and meetings, even the most fabulous collegiettes desperately need to refuel. Ditch those high-calorie frappes and say goodbye to those fatty potato chips, because these stylish snacks will leave you feeling fit and energized. Who doesn't love Luna bars? They're basically a healthy candy bar. Mini Luna bars? The perfect snack-- be still, my heart. White Chocolate Macadamia is my absolute favorite flavor, and the bite-size variation makes it perfect for fashionable students who are always on the go. And if you're craving the caffeine but don't want those disastrous coffee stains, Neuro Sonic is a sweet alternative. Whether you're racing from one fashion show to another or pulling an all-nighter, this berry drink will leave wired enough to complete all your chic tasks.

Besides my daily (or hourly) dose of caffeine, I could never get through a hectic day without my to-do list. Available in a cute colors and pragmatic sizes, Poppin's notebooks are a trendsetter's dream come true. But what are you going to write with? The brand's fun gel pens, obviously. These pens won me over when I realized they don't smudge, which is a rare occurrence. 

A big thank you to Her Campus for the array of amazing goodies! 

Which products would be in your survival kit? Sound off below!


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