Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Introducing Ziftit: The Future of Wish Lists

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Having a powerful vision is both a blessing and a curse. While executing an ensemble that truly adheres to your personal taste is extremely satisfying, receiving gifts from your nearest and dearest is always a dilemma. A poly-blend sweater that you'll never wear? "Oh, you shouldn't have!" Really. A lipstick that's hue totally clashes with your skin tone. It's the thought that counts, right? 

After years of stealth gift exchanges, something's got to give. With Ziftit, every gift will count. 

The website/app allows users to create Zift Lists of their favorite products on the market. Getting the present of your dreams is as easy as sending your Zift List to your friends and family, where they can purchase your presents and ship them right to your house. 

To bolster your Zift Lists, the company's Trending Feed adds products that match your personal style to your feed. So part website, part app, and part virtual stylist? Perfection. 

Love some fancy features? From creating your own events and sending out invites to your guests, to the mobile app's Barcode Scanner (which shows users where they can find a product and the different prices it's listed at), to being able to split a gift with the upgraded account's "Pitch In" feature, Zifit is here to make the gifting experience a million times easier. 

So this brand can't get any better, right? I mean, it already helps you find affordable items, receive the gifts you actually want, and plan a stellar event-- Ziftit's basically too good to be true. 

Well just wait, style savants. 

If you're looking to splurge on a few gifts for your favorite fashionistas (via Ziftit, of course), be sure to enter the Trendsetter Contest. 

The contest will challenges you to gather unique products from all over the web and place them onto your personal Zift List. Simply use Ziftit's "follow" feature (which is just like Pinterest's pin button) by adding products that will appeal to their followers. Products added to your Zift List will fill the personalized news feeds of your followers, and give all your fashion groupies the ability to re-add these products to their personal Zift Lists. In addition to getting tons of followers, your "influence rating" will increase when followers re-add your picks to their Zift Lists. Imagine that feeling you get when someone re-pins several things on your personal style board; the feeling you get when someone re-adds one of your Zift List picks will be even better. Why? At the end of the contest, on December 15th, the participant with the most followers will win $10,000 and will be named "The Trendsetter of 2013".

The chance to win $10,000 dollars just for getting fellow fashionites to follow you? That sounds like a dream come true! 

So stop procrastinating. Ziftit's waiting for you.

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