Monday, 5 March 2012

London Calling

It's fair to say that I'm obsessed with all things British. From the historical and classic architecture to the hip street style (to One Direction... some of my interests do resemble those of a tween) , London is the perfect place. However, London Fashion Week's collections are always hit or miss for me. While I'm obsessed with some collections, others are truly the bane of my existence. I've kept all of you waiting long enough for this runway recap, so how about we just cut to the chase?

Here's a riddle for you: how can a collection be clean and innovative? Well, Antonio Berardi knows. From his curvy silhouettes to his outstanding use of color, Berardi makes simple fashion forward. Each piece is beautifully executed, which gives this collection so much strength. Depending on the styling, all of these pieces can act as a neutral or the standout part of your look.  Also, can we say half peplum? Out of this world. On a side note, I'm crazy for the metallic maxi skirt(Photo Cred)
For the past few seasons, I've been obsessed with Felder Felder. This collection offers punches of color, offbeat patterns, and fun silhouettes. Like Band of Outsiders, Felder Felder provides a chic answer to every young fashionista's prayers. To me, Felder Felder screams "quirky London style." Every single look expresses this unique,downtown feel. Even the simple, black dresses are hip! Seriously: can't you imagine yourself wearing a Felder Felder dress to a cool Brooklyn party? Just me? Whatever. On a side note, who wouldn't want to wear a printed bodysuit?  (Photo Cred)
Erdem's fall collection is the perfect transition collection. If you haven't noticed, spring is all about undeniably feminine pieces. Erdem Moralioglu's latest collection provides a mix of femininity and boldness.I can picture these dresses on an older fashionista or even a hip, downtown chick. What's so fabulous about this show is that Erdem really embraces the mixed patterns concept. The agelessness of this collection is absolutely inspiring.  (Photo Cred)
While wearability is pretty important when it comes to RTW collections, I can never resist artistic collections. Obviously, you won't wear one of these pieces to "the club" (did I mention that I love when people refer to a hotspot as "the club"?), Mary Katrantzou's fall collection screams "fashion eye candy." She always couples intricate patterns with super structured silhouettes. In my mind, this collection is like a psychedelic porcelain doll, which is pretty sick. Obsessed.  (Photo Cred)
Without a doubt, Alice Temperley is one of my favorite British designers. She consistently "wows" me with her ability to create pieces that have a feminine edge. Though I consistently want to wear every single look of hers to a British tea party, her collections never force a feminine aesthetic. Even her florals in this collection have an eclectic feel to them. As any good designer does, Alice Temperley plays with fun colorstextures, and hints of drama.. For a random, obsessive outburst,  I love how this collection is styled. Nothing says "fabulous" better than fun hats(Photo Cred)
My fashion philosophy is that, unless you're wearing something offensive, you should never have to apologize for your personal style. If someone can't appreciate your creativity and fearlessness, that's their issue. PPQ's fall collection mixes polished dresses with a completely unapologetic aesthetic. Sure, some of these pieces are...questionable; however, there should never be strict rules to fashion. Though the aspiring stylist in me freaks out over a less-than-brilliant look, we need to all be realistic and know that not everyone's going to dress to our personal taste. This collection truly speaks to me: dressing and being yourself never goes out of style. Amy Molyneaux and Percy Parker embrace fashion's oddities and make them a commodity. No, I didn't even try to rhyme: it just happened.(Photo Cred)
In my mind, fall is all about texture. Thankfully, Jonathan Saunders gives us structured and textured pieces for fall. This collection is a little paradoxical for me, but I kind of love it.Though the silhouettes scream minimalism, Saunders' mix of colors and textures makes this collection Trendologist- approved. You can easily classify this whole collection has sporty, eclectic, minimalism. Also, I'm so smitten with his florals(Photo Cred)
I've fallen in love with this clash between femininity and urban chic . As I've lamented before, I have this girly/edgy complex and this collection is yet another answer to my prayers. From extravagant peplums  to the use of collars, Simone Rocha succeeded it making lace alternative and quirky. Over all, each look has this understated, artistic aesthetic, which I find really interesting. It's as if the clothes are saying, "Yes, I am a big deal, but keep it on the down low" (yes, in my ideal world, clothes talk). Additionally, the black and white color palette- obviously, I'm excluding that arbitrarily placed, yet awesome, yellow outfit- allows the fripperies to speak for themselves,  (Photo Cred)
I'll be the first person to say it: Mulberry's show is jumbled and eclectic. Most of the looks are not polished and there's barely any cohesion; however, I'm so smitten with this collection. Though some people may look at this collection and run the other direction (I'm a skilled unintentional rhymer), it gives me a sense of comfort a familiarity. Mulberry's show reminds me of when I wake up in the morning and scramble to find a quasi decent outfit or even those really cool, eclectic fashionistas whose closets I want to steal. There's something that's perfectly imperfect about this collection- fashion's reality- that I love. And if you haven't noticed by now, I'm quite obsessed with fur(Photo Cred)


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