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The Style Files: Something Unknown to Me Makes You What You Are

It's fair to say that I'm not taking the passing of Davy Jones vey well. No, this isn't me being sarcastic: I'm legitimately upset. When I was little, I was obsessed with retro TV shows. Obviously, the Brady Bunch was my number one.  From the afternoons after pre-school to the nights where I was plauged with chicken pox, Davy Jones' Girl was my jam. I would dance myself silly- also known as doing the Marsha- to that song and still do (especially to the Very Brady Movie's version). So this week's song had to be Girl because, let's be honest, I probably would've had a crush on him if I was a teen during the 1970s.

Style Spiration: Gwyneth Platrow
Are you still going crazy over Gwyneth Paltrow's sleek, superstar, scene-stealing, spectacular Tom Ford moment from last week's Academy Awards? Well, I am. The more that I think about it, the  more that I realize how much of a trendsetter Gwyneth truly is. During her career, she's had so many red carpet moments that we will always remember. What's so interesting about all of these looks is that they're all progressive and sleek. They all make a statement without crossing the line. How does a trip down memory lane sound to all of you? Let's spend this Sunday remembering (and drooling) over all of Gwyneth's looks.

 At the 1999 Academy Awards (Ralph Lauren): There's no better way to start of this review. Whether you tuned into the 1999 Oscars or not, you know this dress if you're the least bit interested in red carpet glamour. From the color to the silhouette to the jewels, everything about this look is so feminine. I find this so ironic because nowadays, Gwyneth dresses super sleek and modern. Even though this dress is undeniably feminine, the overall simplicity is timeless. (Photo Cred)
Being fabulous in 1996 (Gucci): I think Gwyneth has a knack for picking out super powerful Tom Ford designs.Perfectly executed, velvet, and in a luscious red? Hold me back: it's almost too much to handle. To prevent a Chuck Bass moment- though I do love Chuck Bass and everything he wears- she kept the rest of this look simple: the makeup, the hair, the accessories and even the blouse underneath the suit. In short: Gwyneth did menswear before it was cool.(Photo Cred)
At the 2008 Cannes Film Festival (Chanel): How breathtaking is this look? Whoever styled this did a fantastic job of giving this ensemble some movement and excitement from top to bottom. The arrangement of the glamour-packed sparkles made this look glamourous and not overbearing. Her updo and feminine makeup allows us to focus on that beyond neckline without completely ignoring Gwyneth. (Photo Cred)

At the 2007 Academy Awards (Zac Posen):  I usually don't love peach, but this is fantastic. The high-hugging silhouette and the sheer components of this dress are to die for: this dress commands attention without it being overly aggressive. The non-matching bracelets on each arm give this look a healthy dash of quirky symmetry, which I love. The long locks keep this look refreshing and fun. Oh, and that red lip? No words.(Photo Cred)

  • Mila Kunis at Dior 2012 Fall RTW (Dior): I know, I know: I still need to cover London, Milan, and Paris fashion week. But how amazing is this look? Mila destroys the stereotypical European look by wearing something light and overtly feminine. I love how she plays with pastels and whites as well as texture. The straight hair and black belt give this look a very Parisian feel. 
  • Claire Danes at Vanity Fair's Academy Awards After Party (Valentino): Yes, my jaw actually dropped when I saw this. The dress is so extravagant and timeless. The minimal jewels allow us to focus on the dress, which deserves as much attention as humanly possible. The glamourous updo and the matching pink lip brings this whole look together.
  • Rosie Huntington- Whiteley at Heathrow (Vanessa Bruno, Burberry): I love love LOVE this take on personal style. Navy is such an unappreciated color so I love how she incorporates that Vanessa Bruno blazer into her ensemble. Don't be fooled: navy and black look fabulous together. Rosie finishes this look off with a leopard scarf: my kind of fashionista! 
  • Olivia Palermo at Dior 2012 Fall RTW: This look gives me goosebumps. Olivia Palermo always knows how to create a look that is clean, eclectic, and fashion-forward. I'm obsessed with the mix of that printed dress and her cage heels. The cardigan gives this look some Parisian chicness and that side fish tail braid? Too good to be true! 
  • Selena Gomez at Vanity Fair's Academy Awards After Party (Dolce & Gabbana): This look is heaven. This form fitting Dolce & Gabbana really shows off her feminine figure in the classiest way possible.  love that soft grey with her complexion and the light lip. Should we talk about that beading? To die for. I love her shorter do with those drop earrings. Overall how sophisticated does Selena look? Now that her boy toy is legal, I suppose she's allowed to dress like a woman.  

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