Tuesday, 28 February 2012

I Heart New York

You may be wondering why I haven't posted a blog about my fashion week expedition. Well, this season was different in the best way possible.  I was fortunate enough to attend not one, but three shows on behalf of Her Campus.  Hands down, the most epic week of my life so far! Want to read about my own experiences? Check out my reviews for Josie Natori,  Irina Shabayeva, and EMERGE!.

As for the ones that I didn't cover, I'm giving you my deepest, darkest thoughts about NYFW exclusively on The Trendologist. Dramatic, right? Well get ready.

Call me crazy, but there's something very nostalgic about this collection. It seems like each look has a story behind the colors, cut, and pattern. Don't dub me "Crazy Fashion Girl" just yet: I'll show you where I'm coming from.  The super feminine silhouettes really accentuate the models' figures. This is something very reminiscent of the pin up girl era. The final dresses' movement and sleeves also remind me of something you'd see in the 1930's. This collection does not adhere to the industry's obsession with minimalism, which I think is great: fashion rules are only made to be broken! Along with these retro-inspired pieces, the Mulleavy sisters added hardcore pieces to give this collection some more relevance. (Photo Cred)

Without fail, Oscar de la Renta always give us fashion fanatics dainty, beautiful, and sophisticated pieces. In my mind, fall always calls for a mixture of colors and patterns. Thankfully, de la Renta gave us just that! Oscar's ability to mix up patterns, materials, and silhouettes while keeping the same aesthetic always amazes me. Whenever he designs, it's always obvious that he envisions a classy, Upper East Sider with a good eye wearing his pieces. Also, I always look forward to Oscar's evening  dresses. Can we say stunning?  (Photo Cred)

My love for Jason Wu is neither healthy nor comical. Season after season, I'm always wowed by Wu's ability to create  innovative collections. AW 2012 is no exception!  This collection was darker than his previous shows; however, I'm such an urban chick at heart so it was right up my alley. No matter how edgy his clothes may be, Wu's cinched waists  give that necessary dash of femininity. His play with fur is out of this world fabulous: fashion forward, exciting, and not too ridiculous. What I love most about Wu is that he loves to experiment with different silhouettes, fabrics, and prints. I cannot tell you how many collections make me feel as if I watched the same look walk down the runway forty times. In my mind, a cohesive and varied collection is always the best.   This collection is key because it shows us that Jason Wu is so much more than "the man behind Michelle Obama's dress."  (Photo Cred)
Sometimes, I look at all of the great things in my life and wonder what could possibly make it better. Well, my lovely readers: all I need is every single Rag & Bone piece ever created. I'm obsessed with the label's clean cuts and downtown chic aesthetic. Whenever I see something that slightly looks Rag & Bone- worthy, I go crazy. Though I wasn't a huge fan of their SS2012 collection- I'm not sporty enough- I'm obsessed with this collection. The mixed textures scream "this is how to look chic during the fall" to me. What's super interesting about this collection is that there's very minimal cohesion. Usually, a designer has a theme or two that they religiously stick to. The only theme I can see is "go on with your bad self." And isn't that everyone's philosophy when they wake up in the morning and get dressed?  With so many quirky prints and cuts, you might be wondering how someone can even wear this collection. As the show's fabulous collection teaches us, this collection stresses personal styling and quirky mixtures. In short, my new dream is to one day be David and Marcus' muse. That's not asking for too much, right? (Photo Cred)

Since last year, Amy Smilovic's designer aesthetic has dramatically changed from cute cocktail dresses to minimalistic separates. What I love about Smilovic's take on minimalism is that she plays with texture and adds a plethora of gloss elements. Usually, I hate minimalism; however, I love this new spin on clean silhouettes and fripperies-less clothes. Can we also talk about the mid-calf pants? Major. (Photo Cred)
Unlike many New York collection, Gurung's collection is all about show stopping pieces. From pops of cobalt blue to complex prints, the fall fashionista is all about getting noticed. Seriously, who needs minimalism when you can have iridescent sleeves? I'm totally with you, Prabal. Call me Goldmember because I'm obsessed with Gurung's use of the metallic :gold screams fall to me and I love how the collection's stylist paired gold pieces with warm colors. If you want to dress in Prabal Gurung's pieces, you have to be a sexy and fearless fashion: his clothes are not for the meak. Additionally, this collection evokes so many emotions: the introverted black ensembles provoke a sense of exclusion while the brights and metallics are motivating.     (Photo Cred)

Nothing says "insta glamour" like metallics do. Unfortunately, metallics usually mean you're painting the town red and hitting up the hottest clubs. While that's all fun, I  do secretly wish that we can wear metallic during the day without that "walk of shame"connotation. Badgley Mischka's RTW collection gives us an answer to our prayers. By integrating metallics into everyday apparel, Badgley Mischka is making it socially appropriate to add some shimmer to our street style. Besides the use of metallics, this collection has a plethora of beautifully structured jackets. The use of cutouts so adds a dose of unapologetic fierceness. Each look demands attention without being overbearing.   (Photo Cred)


Without a doubt, I'm a complete girl's girl: I'm probably one of the most feminine people on the planet. However, I do love edgy and tough pieces. That puts me in a really big predicament: how am I supposed to dress? Derek Lam's A/W collection gives us a powerful mixture of harsh and frilly pieces. Lam's tiny floral prints and structured suits scream femininity; however, the sporty aspects gives this collection a bad girl side. In my mind, maxis are in all year around. The long sleeve, black maxi? So smitten. The juxtaposition in this creation makes it something that is truly ready to wear. (Photo Cred)

 I tend to look at all of these fabulous collections and get upset. While I'm obviously obsessed with my favorite colletions, I  always get upset that- as a college chick-  I have nowhere to wear them.  Then there's Band of Outsiders. Unlike Badgley Mischka or Oscar de la Renta, Band of Outsiders give us young fashionistas something to really wear right now. There's an effortless versatility that comes with every single look that I'm borderline obsessed with. This collection is filled with a mix of statement clothes and minimalistic staples. The ambivalence in this collection makes it up to the consumer to express their personal style. (Photo Cred)

How could you ever hate something DVF creates? Each look of this collection has a sense of wearability and fashion forwardness. Each look brought something new to the chic table. Also, the collection's versatility is out of this world amazing. While the collection is filled with fun prints, the silhouettes are simple enough to either dress up or down. As always,  Diane designs with a confident woman in mind.  (Photo Cred)

Okay, so I definitely have a girl crush on this collection. Each look literally blew me away because it encompassed everything I love. Long sleeved minis? Check. Beautifully executed jackets? Jill showcased many.  Provocative concepts? They were definitely present.  The mod-inspired turtle necks? Absolutely. Also, the prints and detailing was very reminiscent of something you'd find in a vintage store, which I love. Honestly, the only rhyme or reason that I'm so enamored with this collection is because I would literally wear all of it.  (Photo Cred)

You should all know how much I idolize Rachel Zoe by now. Though I probably wouldn't do it myself, I  admire her new designer title. For someone as obsessed with fashion as Rachel, it's definitely a big feat to design. Unlike designing veterans, we get something different from her collection: versatile pieces that we can wear to a plethora of occasions.For example, the chunky sweater could be worn out with some booties and skinny jeans or to a poolside party with a maxi dress. This indigo, quasi plaid dress could be worn to the office or even on date night.  The whole "dress up or dress down" concept is a common theme in Rachel's collection. In fact, I think it's better portrayed in this collection than in more prestigious runway shows.  Also, I love her undying obsessed with maxis. The long, lace maxi skirt? No words. Long live the maxis! (Photo Cred)


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