Monday, 12 March 2012

When in Milan

Regardless of the trend or sources of inspiration, Milan Fashion Week always epitomizes luxe style. This season, Milan gave us an understated extravagance and gothic glam. Sounds like an oxymoron, right? After looking at these collections, I have a sneaking suspicion you'll feel the same way.

I don't know if it's the overtly feminine silhouettes or the fact that the prints resemble stained glass, but this collection gives me a gothic feeling. From outerwear to cute little dresses, Rimondi and Aquilano embrace the idea of a glamourous and feminine woman. The play with different fabrics is absolutely gorgeous and gives the ensembles a little more depth. Each ensemble has these gorgeous details that are simply out of this world.Surprisingly, the two designers have a healthy blend between sartorial pieces and girly separates. This whole collection reminds me of a more gothic version of Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet. (Photo Cred) 
In my mind, this collection is the perfect RTW collection to follow Prada's previous one. The retro-inspired silhouettes and the use of busy prints is so reminiscent of Miuccia's spring RTW collection. Of course, the two collections are not carbon copies of each other: this fall collection includes darker colors and longer sleeves.Even the use of pantsuits show progression from the Spring RTW collection. It seems like Miuccia is telling us a story about femininity and I like it. (Photo Cred)
There's something so extravagant about this collection- a la 90's flashy glam- that I'm mildly obsessed with. Though some people may look at the extremely colorful fur with disgust, I love it. Obviously, I would never wear some of these pieces; however, I admire the unapologetic flashiness of this collection. Ironically enough, they do add some extremely polished pieces to this show.Is it weird that I secretly want to wear that sparkly suit to an interview? (Photo Cred)
This collection encompasses two different kind of femininity: sexy womanhood and girlish florals. Although these two types of femininity seem like night and day, the use of lace and similar silhouettes throughout the collection link the two themes together.On a side note, Domenico and Stefano have the ability to use lace in a progressive and fun way.Besides the lace, the two designers used other detailing and appliques perfectly. Yes, perfectly.Let's be honest, this designing duo is perfection. (Photo Cred)
Like Aquilano. Rimondi, this collection has a very gothic- Baz Luhrmann aesthetic. However, this collection has more emotional roots, like Gianni Versace's last collection before his tragic death. Of course, in true Donatella fashion, this collection offers optimism with it's cheery yellows and oranges. Also, that sequin piping? Phenomenal. (Photo Cred)
Usually, I'm not a fan of androgynous fashion; however, this is a fun take on the trend. The clothes have a sense of masculinity, but their sartorial lines aren't butch. The interesting mix of color and fabric is refreshing.  For some reason or another, this collection appeals to me. I can picture a lot of these pieces working fabulously as separates. Also, I love the way this whole collection is styled: the offbeat monochromatism gives each piece more depth and wearability. (Photo Cred)
Salvatore Ferragamo
I can confidently say that Massimiliano Giornetti successfully incorporated two opposite ends of the spectrum in one collection: the corporate betch (one of my favorite ways to dress) and the bohemian. To lessen the randomness, Giornetti incorporates strong silhouettes with the bohemian fabric. Additionally, there are also bohemian silhouettes in black. Then to top it all off, Giornetti throw a little bit of equestrian. For the record, those structured equestrian jackets are to die for. I think  I love this collection because Giornetti somehow incorporates all of these looks but orders them in such a way that doesn't make the variety awkward or arbitrary. This collection reflects how I feel about personal style: you should never restrict yourself to one category of personal style. Bravo, Giornetti.(Photo Cred)

Bottega Veneta
To be perfectly honest, I didn't love the first half of this collection. There's nothing wrong with clean silhouettes and pops of pretty hues; however, it's nothing to swoon over. However, this collection's evening wear is too good to ignore. It all started with the feathers: anything that incorporates a halter top and  feathered skirt is worthy of some attention, don't you think? I love how Tomas Maier played with black and nude: super elegant, yet super sexy. Then the longer dresses happened. I could really picture Emma Stone rocking some of these printed numbers. The finale dress' mix of textures really took my breath away. So stunning. If you're going to take anything from this collection, here it is: never ever underestimate the power of evening wear.(Photo Cred)
Maybe I'm an eternal brooding soul, but I'm obsessed with dark color palettes. As much as I do love a pop of color here and there, dark clothes just scream gothic glamour to me, which Milan Fashion Week tells me is totally in for the fall. I'm even enamored with this collection's dark green looks.The baggy silhouettes give this collection an effortless sophistication. They give you something that you can wear out to a fancy dinner or lounge around at home and either way, you'd still be the chicest chick ever. I also love how Frida Giannini toyed around with different textures and types of outerwear. Feathered cropped jackets and sleek black capes? It's like she read my mind. In short, I just really want to spend the rest of my life in this collection. Too far? Fashion people love to exaggerate. As for my inner beauty nerd, I'm going bonkers over the makeup. Dark lip for fall? Sign me up!(Photo Cred)
Jil Sander 
As we all know by now, I'm not a fan of minimalism. Maybe someday- that's me trying to broaden my fashion horizons- but not today. However, I must give credit where credit is due. And credit is due at Jil Sander. Though Raf Simons was let go, I must say that this is my favorite Jil Sander collection of his. Instead of letting minimalism radiate the same old emotionless aesthetic, he gives it a feminine spin. The soft, candy colors work perfectly with the sleek silhouettes. The subtle color blocking and the striking cutouts make this collection fun to look at. Also, who can resist a hint of metallic? All in all, doesn't this collection remind you of something you'd see Ann Margaret wear back in the good 'ol days? Just me? (Photo Cred)


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