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Last, But Not Least: Paris Fashion Week

The end of the fall collections is always bittersweet. No more new looks but, as a blogger, I'm excited to share more fashion adventures with you. Not only is Paris the end of the fashion week extravaganza, it's also extremely prestigious. I cannot tell you how many times I've looked through the Paris collections and thought, "This isn't PFW worthy." Unlike the other three countries, Paris Fashion Week- in my mind- celebrates fashion as artistic and sophisticated. Ready for my absolute favorites?

I'll be the first to admit that this collection is not wearable. But then again, when is Alexander McQueen wearable?! Sarah Burton continues to carry on McQueen's extravagant legacy. Burton wows fashion fanatics with the use of varied silhouettes. Yes, this collection pushes the envelope (one may think too far), but every fashionista and fashionisto can respect the execution and innovation. When it comes to McQueen, you can expect to be blown away. (Photo Cred)
Just when Elie Saab was starting to get predictable, he gives us a fabulously dark collection. As much as I love all of his collections, Saab strayed away from the girly dresses and gives us an alternative way to look at sparkly style. Saab also stays away from poppy colors this fall and sticks to rich, muted hues. His two toned pieces give them depth, sophistication, and edge. I'm so smitten with his use of peplum: the execution and size of each peplum exudes femininity. Don't think all this femininity means no sex appeal: that high slit is incredible. Additionally, this collection also exhibits sexy, new techniques. Let's be honest: Elie Saab can do no wrong in my mind. (Photo Cred)
In my mind, there's a difference between "strong and clean" collections and "pure minimalism."  Minimalism, in my definition, is usually composed of neutrals and provide no statement or "wow" factor. An example of a strong and clean collection is Chalayan's. Although I'm no jock, the athletic-infused pieces of this collection are conversational. The bold colors, paired with simplistic silhouettes, add strength. Just when you thought these silhouettes were over-done, the finale look happens. Enough said. (Photo Cred)
Once upon a time, Christian Dior's "New Look" redefined fashion, femininity, and the brand itself. Seen in previous collections, it seems like Gaytten is searching for a "New Look" revival. Gaytten gives us a subdued take on this theme. For example, the belts add some modernity to the array of full skrits and fitted jackets. The muted color palette complements the occasional black pieces: they both work together to create a retro and feminine vibe. Thankfully the bright, high-impact finale dresses give us that sexy glamour that everyone craves.  (Photo Cred)
Like McQueen, most of these pieces aren't wearable: the sleeves are definitely  too intense for some, while other looks are a little too risque. Nevertheless, I love this collection. The transition from cozy whites to harsh blacks is flawless and aesthetically pleasing.  Even the deconstructed component of this collection is well executed and exudes innovation. Also, I do have a thing for futuristic shoulders.(Photo Cred)
Usually, I'm comforted by Balmain's predictable  collections: structured minidresses that have a hint of futuristic. Sure, this collection has a healthy dose of the label's staples; however, Olivier Rousteing also supplies us with some forward-thinking pieces. Sleeveless jackets? Yes please! Unlike previous collections, the silhouettes aren't as fitted. Even the looser suits create a nonchalance and casualness that I enjoy. Fun prints and detailing finishes off this new found love for comfortable silhouettes. Major want. (Photo Cred)
I have yet to go to Paris; however, I know exactly what I'm going to wear when I do: Carven's Fall 2012 RTW collection. Sounds weird, right? In my mind, there's something about this collection that exudes youth and Parisian style. The silhouettes are pretty basic: straight, sleek, and exactly what I would expect a Parisian fashionista to wear. Guillaume and Hieronymus then incorporate bold colors and ethereal paisleys to de-sophisticate it. This struggle between sleek chic and quirky funk makes me want to wear each piece while sitting at a super luxe cafe.  (Photo Cred)
In this industry, you're only as good as your last. With Stefano Pilati leaving Yves Saint Laurent, it's time to evaluate his work at the fashion house! Like many other designers, Pilati embraces the sexy, leather trend. The execution and cut of the leather pieces give this trend a refined and elegant twist. The edgy mesh looks are also to die for: they're forward-thinking, but are paired with simplistic pieces to calm them down. His long dresses and pantsuits are reminiscent of something Yves Saint Laurent himself would've designed. The common bold lapels tie all of these different looks together and gives the collection cohesiveness. Though I never obsessed over Stefano like I do with Alber, Jason, or Prabal, I will say this was a great way to end his career. (Photo Cred)
Sure, Gareth Pugh is not always my favorite designer; however, I'm drawn to this collection. Surprisingly, some of the jackets and dresses are wearable. Like that fringe dress? I would love to wear that one night and paint the town red. Other looks are obviously more avant garde. Even still, the execution is supreme. Also, I'm in love with the use of capes. How fabulous?!  When it comes down to it, I like this collection because it's thought-provoking(Photo Cred)
From soft pastels and use of lace to rugged silhouettes, Chloé gives us an androgynous take on feminine clothes. Sounds like an oxymoron? Well, to people who haven't seen this collection, it probably is. However, this juxtaposition is probably the best way to describe this collection.While the pieces could've been put together to create an innocent look, the mismatched and indifferent styling of this collection creates this tension between edgy and gentle. As a result, we see separates that can be sophisticated or youthful. It's this versatility that makes this collection strong and agreeable.  (Photo Cred)
Like many fashion girls, I love me some drama. Not in the petty Laguna Beach style, obviously: I long to be excited by clothes' dramatic aspects. From stunning collars, to plunging necklines, to floor-length show stoppers, Giambattista Valli gives us just that, But don't expect sequins galore or anything: here, Valli offers a casual, yet dramatic, collection. The patchwork throughout the collection demands attention; however, makes each ensemble more casual. The silhouettes are simple enough, yet Valli includes popping colors or a dash of drama to spice each look up. I love how he sneaks in feathers in his looks: that Valli is a tricky one. (Photo Cred)
Though my constant talk about silhouettes may be annoying, the cut of a piece is crucial. In my opinion, it can sometimes be more crucial than the fabric. The array of silhouettes- here I go again- from Haider Ackermann's Fall 2012 RTW really made me love this collection. Whether it's an extravagant neckline or  an accentuated hips, Ackermann really shows us how innovative a collection can truly be. Each look was exciting and that's what fashion should be. Wise words by me: you know something in fashion should be extinct when it becomes boring. Quick side note: who wouldn't want those metallic pants(Photo Cred)

To add to the list of weird things I compare Lanvin collections to, Fall 2012 RTW reminds me of a buffet. Alber Elbaz incorporated everything I could possibly want to wear this fall. Fun pops of color? Check. A healthy dose of peplum? Oh it's there. Beautifully tailored, gothic pieces? In an array of silhouettes and textures! A gilded quasi-brocade? Of course! Army green? It'll look amazing with a light pink lip. Funky graphic pieces? Thank the fashion gods, because I could simply not survive fall without them. I love this collection because it doesn't overdose on one trend: instead, each trend flawlessly meshes into the next one. As a result, we get a realistic collection. On a side note, I cannot express how much I love Alber : he's such a genius, not to mention the cutest little thing to walk a catwalk.  If I could befriend any designer, it would probably be Alber.(Photo Cred)
It seems as if every fashionista ditches color once the first leaf floats to the ground. If Stella McCartney shows us anything in her fall collection, it's to embrace color this fall. Stella doesn't give us time to contemplate or ease into color: her first look gives us a shocking pop of cobalt blue, thus demanding attention and respect. I'll be the first one to say that I love wearing black all year around; however, it's time for all of us to break out of our fashion shells and take some colorful risks. She offers fun colors and quirky fabrics together: how's that for some colorful risk?  I love how she pairs the cobalt with dainty patterns and flirty silhouettes, which ultimately makes the blue richer and feminine. However, Stella does include some black for those of us who can't part from our favorite gothic hue.(Photo Cred)

I would love to meet the one person out there who claims to hate Valentino and smack them silly. Seriously. Although Valentino Garavani is no longer calling the shots, you can't deny that the brand still has this agreeable, yet elegant,  energy. Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli continue to create glamourous pieces. According to the fashion gods, he (or she) who can make a modest jumpsuit desirable reigns superior. As a whole, this collection is exciting, versatile, and well-executed. Most of these pieces can stand alone and create stellar clean, yet expressive, ensembles or they can act as neutrals.  That versatility, paired with a dash of innovation, gives us fashion fanatics exactly what we want: timelessness. The detailing and extravagance of the finale dresses supply the drama that every fashion house should deliver. Can we quickly chat about the excessive use of leather? Am I sensing a top trend for the fall?(Photo Cred)


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