Tuesday, 26 July 2011

If the Shoe Fits?

*DISCLAIMER: Two of my friends and I, we call ourselves "The Lady Three," are reading Tina Fey's Bossypants so I'm in an incredibly witty and "trying-to-be-funny mood." Sorry if this post is like bad standup. 

A few days ago, I was having a fun browsing spree on the Neiman Marcus website. Like any girl, I have a dream. A dream of having a Carrie Bradshaw shoe collection. I'm talking Manolos- though I am more of a Louboutin girl-Dolce &Gabbana , Brian Atwood,  Jimmy Choo: THE WORKS. Shoes, like any other accessory, should be full of risk and really show off your personal style. But I have to ask myself, and you beautiful people who read this blog, where do we draw the line? 

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Though Brian Atwood makes incredible shoes, I was kind of afraid of these. Call me a Vegas Showgirl, but I love the glitz and glamour side of fashion. The more the merrier, right? Not when it's in the form of a leopard/bow/feather shoe. This, ladies and the four gents who actually read my blog- I told you this would be bad standup-is way too much. Even if this was paired with a little black dress or a menswear inspired suit, it'd be wouldn't be proportionate. After comparing this shoe to the Ostrich Feather Bootie- which I do quite like- I think I've found the reason this shoe is a little intimidating: the cut outs. Yes, the feathers make me feel like my feet would be attacked by creepy-crawlers; however, I think it'd be a bit more bearable without the sexy cut out. Picture this as a bootie. A little bit better, right?

Exhibit B: Diego Dolcini Fur-Ankle T Strap Sandal

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I suppose this isn't that out of the question, but I always question a prominent ankle strap in fear that I may have a sad case of cankle-itis. And this reminds me too much of a crazy rich housewife, Muffy, who plays squash at the local Country Club and is mean to her servants: did I mention the Lady Three book club also read The Help? But on a serious- well, fashion serious- note, I think I find these boundary pushing because of the randomness of the fur. The  Fanned Zip Back Sandal  is more of a fashion-forward piece; however, it isn't all over the place, like Brian Atwood's crazy cut out, but is cohesive. My Dear Diego, this shoe would've been sexy without the fur; now it just look like you're trying too hard.

Exhibit C: The Shoes Christian Louboutin Designed for the English National Ballet 

The following is what I call "Love Letters to Mr. Louboutin"(Photo Cred)
Christian, My Love,
I love your shoes more than a fat kid loves cake, cliche but true. While I understand that these shoes were created for  fundraiser and although they are incredibly beautiful, my legs temporary go numb and my feet ache when I look at this picture. These shoes are art, but  "ow".

I think that sums my feelings for this shoe up enough!

After reviewing these shoes, however, I do have to ask myself if I'm just being a weenie when it comes to extravagant shoes? Am I not the Vegas Showgirl I thought I was? Or is there truly a limit? When it comes to fashion, I do think that most things can be awesome with proper styling. And I guess I should take a page out of Bieber's- WHAT BIEBER? Yes, Bieber-book:


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