Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Style Files: What You Doing for the Rest of Your Life?

Before I get started on this fun Sunday edition, I feel the need to share my latest music obsession with you beautiful people. The way I see it, why not listen to some fun tunes when reading all about fashion? Matt Kearney's  new song, "Hey Mama," is so cute and he wrote it about his wife! Don't all wish that we had musician lovers who wrote songs about us?'ll happen, ladies.

Sorry for that, but I felt it was necessary.



Any aspiring fashionista should know about Mr. Tommy Ton and his amazing skill to capture some of the finest in personal style. I swear, I always get so jealous and feel terrible about my own personal style when I see these pictures. To be more positive, I should say that his pictures serve as a fabulous source of inspiration. And Ton's latest collection, "Moscow on the Seine," was mind blowing.  While I was insanely jealous of all of the subjects, my favorite was Miroslava Duma. The former editor for Harper's Bazaar Russia and Russian "It Girl" is officially my fashion icon. Not only do I love her outfits, but she has such versatility in what she wears and everything looks so effortless. To some extent, everyone's guilty of trying too hard at one point of their fashion career or another. Yes, fashion is supposed to be risky and fun; however, but you should never dress in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable. I feel like a lot of people say, "Well, I can't pull this or that off." While some of those issues may be physical, I feel like people "can't pull things off" when they don't have the confidence. When you have the confidence and wear something your comfortable in, the look will seem effortless, most of the time. I'm not going to make this Style-spiration about "being comfortable about yourself." This is a fashion blog, not an after school special so I'll stop. But I do want to recognize Miroslava's versatility.  I should say though, since Miroslava is rather obscure, I do not know the places and or designers of the following pictures. I know, I need to step up my game...sorry! 
I know I just talked about breaking up a monochromatic look with some skin in the Ann-Margret blog post; however, this look works because the black booties and white clutch gives this look some excitement. Of course this look was meticulously planned, but the vintage-esque aviators and the windswept hair makes this look so cool and chic. The monochromatic look could look really granny, but the styling made this look refreshing and chic.  It looks easy, right? (Photo Cred)

This look isn't as relaxed as the look above; instead, Miroslava is embracing the New Yorker urban glamour: is it sad I can tell that she's in New York from the background? Anyways, this look is awesome because, even though she is in head-to-toe black, there are many strong silhouettes and lines in this look. The shoes have an interesting shape and the shape of the dress is so glam. Since this is more high-fashion than some of her other looks, the straight hair was absolutely perfection. (Photo Cred)
And what about this look? Classic femininity with an edgy flair. The structured blazer, paired with ladylike handbag, is the definition of classic. But I love how Miroslava didn't just leave it at that and say, "Well now it's time for my bridge game, cheerio!' Instead, she made it funky with the patterned dress, which reminds me a lot of stained glass so we'll go with that. Since there's so much going on in this look, clean makeup and straight hair is great: she's like a blank palette for all of this fun fash-tivities. I really like that term, fash-tivities. I think I'll use it more *writing it on a MacBrook sticky*.(Photo Cred)

I don't lie to you guys.
 This is a prime example of confidence being the equivalent to effortlessness. On anyone else, I would think this look is gross and ridiculous to the extreme. But it's different on Miroslava. Maybe I'm crazy and in a "I love her style" frenzy, but I really do think that really carries it well. It's the quintessential personal style. Most of these pieces I couldn't picture being styled together, but that's the thing about taking risks in fashion, That's the only way fashion is fun, after all. But her effortless attitude, obviously I would totally know just by this one picture, transforms this look from a "what will other people think" situation to a "what... you don't wear baggy jeans and a leather jacket?" I think we should all strive to make our outfits kooky, but have the same tone as the latter example. (Photo Cred)
And now, you lovely readers, onto The Weekly!
  • Mila Kunis at the Friends with Benefits premiere (Lanvin):  Awesome. Purely awesome. This look is very simplistic, which I feel Mila doesn't do a lot, but really sexy because it was simple. You dig? The midi hemline is really now, yet classy. But the ruching gives the dress some va va vroom. Since she didn't add on the jewels, the chunky black pumps are a solid accessory.  In short, she looks like a classier Kardashian, nothing against the Kardashians because I love them.
  • Emma Stone at the Friends with Benefits premiere (Giambattista Valli): One of my friends and I have this unintentional book club situation, we just read The Help, so I'm having such an Emma Stone moment. This is supreme color blocking, woohoo Emma Stone! The concept is really simple, but I'm obsessed with the skirt's silhouette. GORGEOUS. Styling it with a nude pump and sparse gold jewels was smart, since the skirt was such an attention grabber.  Perfection. 

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