Sunday, 31 July 2011

The Style Files: Is It What You Dreamed It'd Be?

For my complete entertainment, and an inconvenience for you lovely people, I've decided that I will frequently be sharing a song of the week in my Style File post. Everyone loves music, but I've recently been on a "discovering new tunes" kick. And by recently, I mean this whole summer. Maybe it's the massive Target CD shopping trips my sister and I have taken, but there's something so fun about creating your own music library. I promise, fashion is my first love and this will never turn into a music blog. Eer. But I do really like using multimedia in blogs and these Sunday Editions can get lengthy, so I feel like it's nice to give you a nice song. I'm like The Giving Tree here, people. So I picked this week "Windows Are Rolled Down" by: Amos Lee. This song, for some odd reason, gives me inspiration to do something with my life. Okay, that's weird but I'm keeping it. Don't fight the weirdness.

Style-Spiration: Daphne Guinness
As an aspiring fashionista, I have many things on my "Aspiring Fashion To-Do List." There's writing my own style book and then there's having a massively amazing collection of pieces. Note I didn't say wardrobe, I really mean collection. I would like people to come to my amazing house, another thing on the good 'ol list, just so they can see Givenchy couture circa Julien MacDonald. Daphne Guinness, fashionista extraordinaire, has this collection that I- and I suppose anyone else equally obsessed with fashion- only dreams of. So Ms. Guinness, this Style-Spiration section goes to you ,because she's obviously sitting and reading this blog, because of showing exactly how to appreciate fashion. Most of the time Sometimes, she doesn't receive the two thumbs up by mainstream America, but I love how she loves the beyond amazing detail that are put into some of these looks. And she truly doesn't care if people judge her, she's going to wear whatever the [insert the curse word that floats your boat the most] she wants! 
I like to call this look "Ultimate Win at Nicky Haslam's Birthday Party." This is the epitome of wearing art and not caring what other people think. This is BEYOND incredible. This netted veil is so so so chic and reminds me of a fearless Audrey Hepburn. And shall we discuss this necklace that is TO DIE FOR?  The bib is so intricate and makes me consider a life of crime. Did I say that? Just let it go, Tina Fey phase is still in tact.  I will say the veil/hat  may be a bit over-the-top, she's just living it up and making something interesting and thought provoking. Nicky must have been out-shined by her own guest. That's awkward...(Photo Cred)

Here she is just chilling with some of Fashion's Elite, Cecilia Dean and Anne Christensen. I don't know where/when this happened and who she's wearing so I'll cut to the chase: THOSE SHOES. Seriously, I'm attracted to them like a moth to a flame. Not because I like them, I personally think they could've belonged in my previous blog post, but they're so interesting. Even though I'm not "Team These Shoes," I do commend Guinness for her capacity to make fashion fun. People in the fashion industry can be portrayed as cold and hollow; however, I- who is still in my Tina Fey stage, thank you for asking- can assure you that not everyone's like that. Fashion because cold and hollow when people forget to make it fun. Now I'm not a crazy shoe advocate, but be like Guinness and don't be afraid to have fun. (Photo Cred)
And here she is at The 2009 CFDA Awards rocking some Prozena Schouler. This, going along with the art metaphor, is modern art. You may look at this and think, "big deal." As you look closer to the beautiful cobalt embellishments, your sarcastic tone with quickly turn into an amazed tone. It's beautiful in an unconventional way, which I love. (Photo Cred)

Overall, I think that Daphne Guinness' outfits scream "Fashtivites- oh, I'm using it, are fun." She goes for the underdog look and the unconventional, which everyone should admire.

And now, onto The Weekly
  • Minka Kelly at a Charlie's Angels press junket (Etro):Such a score! I'm literally obsessed with this look for a press junket. The silhouette is sophisticated and business-ready; however, the different prints is fashion forward and fun.The gold jewels, especially the hoops, give this look a bohemian vibe, which is something I was going for earlier this week. Also, the color distribution is supreme: the polka dotted dress serves as a neutral that breaks up the color so it's not overbearing. The sun-kissed makeup and the wavy locks are perfection. Seriously, I wouldn't change a thing about this look.
  • Ginnifer Goodwin at Maxim's Comic-Con party (Designer unavailable at the moment):Although I really wish Goodwin added a  bright lip or a statement necklace, I do love this look. It's so effortless, which I love. The pixie cut and the simple black pumps gives this look such a menswear inspired vibe. And menswear can be fun, and truly is in this occasion!
  • Mila Kunis at the Friends with Benefits Moscow premiere (Elie Saab): This is so beautiful and elegant and I love it. While I'm disappointed that the styling was literally plucked from the red carpet;however, Kunis looks incredible. The white dress and shoes is vey Kate Hudson circa 2010 Golden Globes. And the messy hair? Obsessed: the perfect combination between edgy and femininity. I'm glad she didn't add any statement jewels because of the sparkled shoulder. Brava, Mila, Brava!


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