Sunday, 17 July 2011

The Style Files: How Lovely to Be a Woman

While other little girls were obsessing over Teletubbies,  I loved old school musicals. Grease, Grease 2, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers,  and Bye Bye Birdie. I would dance around my kitchen and sing the Conrad Birdie fan club song- seriously, there are videos- and idolize Ann Margret's character, Kim MacAfee, to no extent.  I wished I was a superstar like Ann Margret so much that my mom rented Viva Las Vegas and I loved that too.

Years later,  as I shed my theatrical ways and change into a chicer suit, I realized just how glamorous Ann Margaret was in those movies. So for this week, I wanted to honor Ann Margret's fabulousity era. I guess it's not her style, but it's definitely style-spiration!
I don't know when, where, or even why this happened; however, one should never ever underestimate the power of fur.  In my mind, this look epitomizes chic glamour of the mid 20th century. The hat, even though it is somewhat silly, is very high fashion of that time. And the coat? To die for. Fur is the most perfect way to instantly glam an outfit.  Even if you are afraid to rock a whole fur jacket, a fur vest would be absolutely sick! There's something so beautiful and understated about the glamour of this time period that I really miss. Nowadays, a fur jacket would be nice but there'd need to be a way to make it more unique; I know I'm guilty of that mentality all of the time. Don't you long for the days when a silly hat and a fab jacket would be enough? (Photo Cred)

From "A Lot of Livin'" in Bye Bye Birdie. I've always been such a fan of this look,ever since I was young. In the movie, this is her "rebel without a cause" phase and I just love how something "rebellious" can be so chic! From a fashion viewpoint,  I love how she stays monochromatic, but experiments with the ruffled top. I love the crop top and high waisted pant: you exposure just the right amount of skin without being too outwardly sexual. If you want to try a monochromatic look, take a tip from Ann and show off a little bit of skin to avoid making it look like a jumpsuit.  Also, if you want to dance, wear something with fringe and ruffles: it's super fun! (Photo Cred)
Just riding some motorcycles with Elvis in Viva Las Vegas. I now pronounce Ann Magret "The Mast of All Crop Tops." What I love about this look is that it's not "matchy matchy." It's almost like sailor girl with a splash of fabulous, which I love a lot! In all of these looks from Ann Margret's past, the stylists and costume designers understand the beauty of simplifying clothing. This sounds a bit hypocritical because I could accessorize and re-accessorize my outfits all day long; however, I think it's important to know when to keep a look simple...sometimes. Simple  can be glamourous.  (Photo Cred)

Now I really want to watch Bye Bye Birdie but for now, onto the weekly!


  • Blake Lively at the BAFTA Brits to Watch Gala (Chanel): I love this look because it truly is different than the typical "tight-silhouette get-up" she normally wears.  To me, this is the epitome of comfortable chic. The loose cut is perfect for the summertime because who really wants to wear a tight fitting outfit in the middle of the summer? Not me! The beautiful embellishments on the top and bottom of the dress gives it that Chanel flair and perfect for a gala.  And let's be honest, I'm always a sucker for asymmetrical lines.  The tan skins and beach blonde hair also gives this look the ultimate summer vibe. Ugh, she fails to disappoint me.
  • Monica Pean at the "Can't Fake Fashion' Launch (Not Available): I love this look because it truly epitomizes personal style. While many would think that the awesome barrel bag she's rocking would be the focal point of the look, it's really not. Instead, your eye literally moves all around.  It doesn't try to look like style or another: it's her style. And her hair and makeup combination is quite bland, but let's the eye focus in on her creative look.  If you really want to mix up inspirations, I would definitely suggest taking a page out of Pean's book and sticking with a neutral palette. Brights and funky combinations would be too overbearing. Also, can we stop to notice the girl in the back's sinister face? It cracked me up! 
  • Just some Olsen sisters, even the mystery sister,  launching The Row bags (a slew of designers): Well Elizabeth Olsen has a lot to learn from her two fashionista sisters, but I understand her sleek black and white combination; it would've looked better with a nude or white tank underneath. But back to the looks I loved. In my mind, Mary Kate and Ashley can barely do no wrong. Even when they wore completely oversized looks, they have always stayed true to themselves and are evolving fashionistas, which is crucial. They have fabulous taste and know what looks good on them. These light colors were so pretty and looked stunning with both of their long blonde locks. Mary Kate's blue mini was super fun but impressively professional. I loved her almost monochromatic look and the black strapped heels tied the whole look together and gave it a serious foundation. Ashley's dress was absolutely divine: the bangles were great but I'm glad she didn't stack up the bracelets as much as Mary Kate or else it would've been too overbearing. Even though I may have styled this dress with a solid pump, her strappy heels give this look a very dainty feel, which is perfect for the summer! 

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