Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Style Files: So Baby Good Lookin' Out

I'm deciding to create a new rule for the Weeklies.
Instead of writing about random things, I will devote each writing piece before the weekly to a celebrity's style that I'm totally digging  that week. Sound like fun? Obviously.  
Instead of calling my Sunday posts "The Weekly," I will now be calling these posts "The Style Files." 
"The Style Files" will consist of "Style-Spiration" and the good 'ol Weeklies.
So to get this started, I'm focusing on my number one girl, Beyonce.

Beyonce has been a core inspiration this week.  On Monday, I was cruising around town when I heard this new song called "The Best Thing I Never Had." Like many songs this summer, Beyonce's song spoke to me.  I always admire her independence and strength in every thing she does; she always inspires me to be strong and self- sufficient, even if I'm listening to "Freakum Dress." 

Fast forward to Friday: I was on the elliptical at the gym , watching Beyonce's Good Morning America  concert. Even though I was a sweaty mess, her voice and confidence gave me goosebumps all over my body.  I wish I was her; but let's be honest with ourselves, who doesn't?  Basically everyone I meet loves Beyonce. And the people who don't are just jealous.  I think one of the reasons everyone loves her is because she is completely confident when she wears great costumers and always looks like a superstar.  If anything, Beyonce should be  an inspiration to all of us: we should all be confident in whatever we have on. Let me break it down for you:

Confidence= Fabulousity.

That's not to say that Beyonce is always topping every single "Best Dressed" list. She seems perfect, but she even has her flaws. But her confidence and overall diva stature makes her this week's Style-spiration.
Bey at the 2011 GMA Summer Concert Series (Photo Cred)
I absolutely love this crocheted mini, especially paired with the very art- deco stage. The cutouts were completely whether appropriate (even Sasha Fierce needs to stay cool) and I love the movement of the fringe skirt. Personally, I love the yellow much more than the black one: the yellow pops from the background and epitomizes summer while the black looks sinister. Paired with her fun curls, how Diana Ross/ 1970's is this look? Major love. 

The 2005 Oscars wearing vintage Atelier Versace (Photo Cred)
Seriously, how majestic is this look? I love how she never hides her curves; instead, she flaunts her figure. At the same time, this silhouette and the black is super slimming. But Beyonce, being the diva she is, rocked these phenomenal earrings that made the whole look something to talk about. Props to her stylist. 

Bey at the 2006 Golden Globes in Elie Saab (Photo Cred).
This  look is beyond awesome. There comes a great deal of insecurity when wearing a completely  sequined ensemble, with a plunging neck nonetheless! She looks fabulous, as always. Basically like a golden ball of glamour. I love this look with her straight hair and the bold accessories are so sick. This Elie Saab really hugs her figure , which I love. Most curvy actresses on the red carpet do a lot of draping. But this kind of confidence is completely genuine.

Some good Bey street style (Photo Cred).
I love how disheveled, effortless, and undeniably chic this outfit looks. I mean, those girls in the background aren't just smiling because it's Beyonce. But they're thinking, "Ugh, what a rockstar outfit." What I love most about personal style is that in order for it to be personal, you really have to take risks and think out of the box. Let your fashion freak flag fly! And that's exactly what Beyonce's during here!  The leather jacket and shoes are really tough-guy, yet the shirt is so laid back, but the  shirt is mega glam. And hold up: that necklace? So eclectic. "What is this outfit?" some may say. Awesome. Even though her outfit is very miss-matched, she keeps her head up high and shows off her outfit with pride. Extreme confidence. 

So, my lovely readers, the next time you have a wardrobe change, bring out your inner Sasha Fierce.


  • Rachel Bilson shopping in Beverly Hills (some conglomerate of clothing): This is such amazing street style: the cutoffs and the booties are edgy, yet the blazer is very polished.  And the braid and sunnies are insta-effortless-chic. Unlike the other looks I gush over in The Weeklies, I like this look because it's  attainable. This is a really short analysis, but it's a very simple look.
  • Hilary Swank at the International Indian Film Academy (Elie Saab): Oh my god. This is such a home-run (I don't know when I became sporty,either). I love anything that sparkles and this dress has quite a lot of sparkle.  I'm literally obsessed with this silhouette: fishtail and the portrait neckline, classic fashion that everyone loves. The beautiful red is perfection with her complexion: bold enough so it pops but nothing too abrasive.  While I'm not totally loving the bracelet, the drop earrings with this Saab dress is supreme. And her hair and makeup  makes the prime focus on the dress. A+, Ms. Swank, A+.
  • Rose Huntington-Whiteley at the Transformers: Dark of the Moon Premiere (Antonio Berardi): Let's just get this out on the table: doesn't this look totally remind you of Jessica Rabbit? Anyways, she absolutely killed, in a good way, this look. I love the shimmer on this red dress and the slit is  so sultry and perfect for the summer! If I had to wear a full-length dress, I'd be pretty sweaty. So smart move, Rose. I don't like the necklace, I think that a industrial statement piece would've been better with this dress, but I do love the soft waves and feminine makeup. Va Va Vroom! Oh, and the nude heels ? Awesome choice, as always. I feel like I usually see nude heels in a rounded toe or peep-toe, my sister actually just bought a pair of nude peep-toes, so the pointed toe gives it some edge. Basically, I really want this dress.


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