Monday, 4 July 2011

Every Heart Beats True for the Red, White, and Blue

Happy Fourth of July, Fashionistas! 
This extremely patriotic holiday has always been a summer staple to me: barbecues with friends, fireworks, and the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Championship. Yes, I am that American who tunes in every single year and roots for Joey Chestnut, who won AGAIN this year. Do you believe in miracles, ladies and gentlemen? 

As I get older, I find it even more problematic to pick out a patriotic outfit. Sure, dresses with American flags printed on them are cute when you're a cute toddler or a cute grandma, but what about us who are in the awkward in between? Does American pride mean we need to ditch our fashion forwardness? NO WAY. So before I begin my barbecuing, fireworking fun, I've compiled a few style tips to rock a Fourth of July look! 

Mix up textures: On Saturday, I went to a Fourth of July themed party. Loving themes,  I obviously wore those three colors with pride; however, I don't think my styling. Let me break it down for you: blue sequined mini, white lace top (with a white bandeau), blue and gold statement necklace, a red vintage  shoulder bag,  and red lips.  I think what I liked most about this look, not to sound pompous, is the mix of  fabrics. It definitely added a "wow" factor but the colors were totally in theme. To recreate this trend, I would suggest rocking a shirt like this Rebecca Beeson top (a mullet top, if you will),  these Topshop shorts (major want), and maybe an awesome red statement necklace instead of a red lip. 

Wear Stars OR Stripes: I'm sure everyone's been dressed in a stars and stripes look back in the good 'ol days; however, it's now time to make a decision. For the ladies, I'm thinking a starred or striped dress would be supreme. And for the gents, a simple tie would scream, "I'm chic and  patriotic!"  This simple stripe dress would be so comfortable and cute at a barbecue. And what about lounging by the pool in this starred swim suit? To die for! Accessorize with simple metallics, blacks, or whites, and you're ready to go! 

A Pop of Color: I think a really chic way to show exactly how proud to be an American you are is a simple pop of color.  In order to absolutely own this look, start with a white base. I'm thinking a minimalist white dress would be perfect. Then, add a pop of blue or red. How about a bright blue hobo or an awesome red lip? Per-fec-tion. 

Classic All-American: Some people may not want want to wear red, white, and blue; however, they want to look All-American chic. If  you're one of these people, I suggest you go ditch heavy accessories (wah) and go for more delicate jewels. Clean pastels in cotton or other soft linens would be so sick at a Firework viewing. And if it gets a little cold, throw on a pull-over! Clean, sweet, and totally occasion appropriate.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday!


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