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The Style Files: Legends of the Often Forgotten Gossip Girl

This summer, my friends and I have been obsessed with seeing every movie in theaters, basically. Just this week ,we  saw Larry Crowne -don't see it unless you're retired- and the ever-so-youthful Monte Carlo. While sitting in the movie theater, cooing at its predictability, I could not get over how stellar Leighton Meester's wardrobe was in the movie. You would think that Selena Gomez, being the star and all, would roam around Europe in fabulous clothes. Instead, she looked like your average teenager; Leighton really stole  the stage.

(Photo Cred)
I feel in love with Meester's look above. A peach dress is extremely difficult for many to pull off; however, she does it with such glamour. The olive belt really breaks up the peach, which ultimately helps this look. Can we say "Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday?" Even in Gossip Girl, she always scores the best looks. Eric Daman always styles Blake Lively so she looks sexy, but Leighton Meester always looks classy and  chic: Daman presents the women we all-secretly-want to be in the form of a petite brunette fashionista.

In fact, it's almost bothersome how Leighton Meester doesn't get enough credit for her daring looks. Don't get me wrong, I love Blake Lively's style and the fact she doesn't have a stylist is incredible; however, Leighton Meester is always innovative and, as a result, she always receives negative press for her choices. In an angry fury, I've decided to finally give Leighton Meester some of the style credit she deserves. Sure she has a plethora of fashion faux paus, but nobody can neglect the fact that she has the guts to try looks that very few would try.
The Met Ball circa 2009: This is going to be a challenge to defend, but I'm up for it. I'm going to be honest with you: this is a terrible look for the red carpet, much better on the runway. However, this look is fun and creative enough for the MET Ball. I've said this before and I'll say forevermore, the MET Ball is all about creativity, innovation,  and making fashion fun. Meester did exactly that at the MET Ball but, as a result, gets negative press for it. I understand why mainstream media wouldn't be crazy about this look since it is, well, weird; however, she's doing something nobody else- except for Lady Gaga- would do. Yes, she may not rock every single look, she has a consistent fearlessness that's inspiring. (Photo Cred)
Meester at an American Ballet Company Gala: This isn't typical Meester style but I  still love it. This chocolate Valentino is such a beautiful alternative to overrated black. I love the draping and the effortless sleeves. She spiced this look up just right with that embellished clutch. LOVE. Her hair and makeup looks incredible also, but when do I not say that? Anyways, I love how she knows what kind of look is appropriate at different occasions, which I admire. This look also proves how versatile her looks can be. Sometimes I feel like we get the same thing over and over with Blake Lively: something that shows off her body, beach waves for hair, and a light lip and a smoky eye for makeup. With Leighton; however, we can constantly ask ourselves, "What is she going to wear?" And that's what fashion is about: anticipating the unexpected. I'm making a lot of fashion generalizations in this blog, but I hope they can serve as some source of inspiration. (Photo Cred)
Leighton out and about:  What I love about this look is how it's both attainable and very fashion forward. The sheer playsuit is super fun, especially for the summer or even the fall; however, it's nothing  unattainable. I'm sure we could all find a piece like this at Urban Outfitters or  Topshop. While I think the while bag isn't great with this, I would personally opt for a cross-body satchel,  I love the mustardish gold heels with this playsuit: it adds instant glam without overbearing. Obviously, celebrities aren't going to be dressed in haute-couture as they run errands, but Leighton looks just as fabulous in her street style! I'm sorry, but when do we ever see Blake Lively in street clothes? Hardly ever.  (Photo Cred)

Leighton at the Fall 2010 Couture Chanel show: The greatest thing about the fashion industry is the incessant ned for  rule-breaking.  The mix of the toughie-leather dress- Chanel, I presume-with that beautifully glamourous necklace is such a rule breaker. Where's the consistency? Nowhere, but I love it. I know that  I can never define my personal style in a simple word or phrase, so I love how she's admitting, "I can't either, but that's okay" with this outfit. Not to mention that I love the half up and the smokey eyes!   (Photo Cred)

Writing this post made be upset for Leighton Meester. Why doesn't she have an in with Anna Wintour? Why doesn't she have a contract with Chanel? Though I must say those pictures are beyond gorgeous. And Why doesn't Leighton Meester get to stroll around with Christian Louboutin? I do like Blake Lively; however, sometimes, life just isn't fair.

Well on that depressing note, onto the weekly!

  • Anne Hathaway at the Valentino Couture Show (Valentino): Call me crazy, but there's something about this look that I really like, which is weird because I usually hate those sheer dresses. I think it's the subtle polka dot design that makes transparency less offensive While I think the brooch looks kind of dumb on the dress, I do think that the other styling tactics make you forget about the sheer dress: the casual waves and girly makeup take the focus away from the skirt of the dress and aim it more towards the face. The matching black pumps makes this look more seamless, as if Anne is saying, "Yes, my dress is sheer but just focus on the look as a whole." I think adding a long necklace would give this dress a cool vintage look, and it would also incorporate more jewels, but the chained bag is pretty cool with it too and gives the same kind of vibe. If this look didn't have that "old school" vintage vibe, I would probably hate it. But, due to the dainty polka dots and the bags, makes me think that everyone should respect this look more, which I guess isn't the most logical opinion, but let's roll with it. See, guys, it really wasn't that bad!
  • Emma Watson at the tearful Harry Potter premiere (Oscar de la Renta): I, being not a Potter fanatic, heard the premiere was happening and decided to check out pictures from it. When I saw this look, my jaw literally dropped and let out a huge "ohmygod." Then I frantically texted my friend, Deb, an extreme Potter fan,  and told her I loved the dress. This look was literally heaven on the red carpet. I really hope you don't think I'm being dramatic, because I'm not. It was really that amazing. The detailing and the color scheme was so majestic and the perfect thing for Emma to wear to such an epic premiere. It fit her like a glove and was just as whimsy as the whole Potter industry. The sleek hair is the perfect foil to the uber-dramatic dress and the makeup is girly and fresh. Although I wish she had a cocktail ring or a simple bracelet on, nobody can deny this look is awesome. More than awesome, perfect.
  • Pippa Middleton strolling around Londontown (a plethora of designers): Whenever I see pictures of the Royal family, the outfits are so manicured and, well, perfect. I know that Pippa's place in the Royal- doesn't it seem like royal should be capitalized- family isn't as prominent as Catherine's, but I'm so thrilled that she is rocking such a cool and casual look. It humanizes her, which I love. As  for the look, very summertime-toughie chic! The leather jacket paired with the printed dress is perfect for the summer time. Matching it with black flats, instead of sandals, gives the look a polished appearance without looking too mature. It's an eclectic look; however, it also effortlessly flows as a cohesive look. Love! 

Well, that was a lot of fun. While writing this, I got an awesome new idea for another post so I'll be writing again soon! 


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  1. hey! that peach dress caught my attention also! I'm so in want of one like it. I cannot find anywhere where that dress is from etc but am having hard time finding similar ones (the colour is really non important). any ideas?
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